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Heather Elise Feb 2015
I have this fantasy where I am driving on the interstate and I am not daydreaming about crashing my car and being killed on impact

I have this fantasy where I have never spent a whole summer covering up my scars

I have this fantasy where I know my body and I am at peace with it

I have this fantasy where I never stopped making art because of what a teacher said to me when I was seventeen

I have this fantasy where I know how to write good poetry

I have this fantasy where I have never fallen in love with too many drug addicts

I have this fantasy where I am sleeping with a stranger for fun and not because I hurt

I have this fantasy where someone knows all the best parts of me

I have this fantasy where someone knows all the worst parts of me

I have this fantasy where I can say “I love you” out loud instead of just writing it down

I have this fantasy where I am giving my whole self to somebody else and they are not asking me for more
Tizzop Dec 2019
"hell yeah?" the burglar asked the pusher.

(the burglar: wirily, ambitious. plain appearance, dressed in black.
the pusher: wealthy, strong and well-conditioned. sumptuous leather jacket.)

"hell yeah", the pusher answered. "now i got what i like and you got what you need."

both grinned. after a day of extensive work, they relaxed in a hellish pub. it was visited by diplomatic creatures whose faces were recognizable like shadows.
this pub was called babylon 8.

the burglar and the pusher touched glasses to celebrate their deal. they drank.

"nothing to be written down",
the pusher added. burglar nodded. voices of the diplomatic creatures surrounding them; satanic sighs; bold laughter; their sentences sounded like orders that are dictated by judges.
snakes and rats. gravelpitbulls and red cats. creatures with excellent memory. guys who swallow their plans after they had learned them by heart.

a while later, a lady entered the pub: adorable like a man's fantasy; imitable like a woman's strategy. her hair color was your desire; her skin color the color of your dreams.
her name was fantasy girl.

suddenly, the lights went out; suddenly, a lightblue sun illuminated the room. no one noticed. everyone so busy hiding something that nothing was hid.
the creatures of babylon 8 therefore didn't perceive the light.

fantasy girl ordered a drink. she told the bartender: "i need freedom. that's what i want from you, the people of babylon 8."

the bartender a giant with a face full of shining scars; his right ear missing; flashy shirt; an ancient first name; speaker of all world languages combined: the omerta.

fantasy girl took a sip from a silver brew which had been served to her by the bartender. she took out a single match and there was no box; a long cigarette between her unknown lips.

bartender looked at fantasy girl. without saying a word, he turned his stubble cheek into her direction. fantasy girl lighted the match.
lightblue fire. inhaling. smoke. iceblue cloud.

the burglar and the pusher had been looking at fantasy girl all the time.
fantasy girl held a white fountain pen and took a black sheet out of a green handbag. she began to write.
To be continued. BABYLON 8
Tommy Johnson Dec 2013
Well she always keeps clean
And she’s up to date
And she never seems
To ever fake

She don’t take time to worry about the world

My life time fantasy girl
My lifetime fantasy girl

She can spot a liar
She’s a lady of faith
She can see for miles
Doesn’t have time to wait

She makes all my neck hairs curl

She’s my life time fantasy girl
My lifetime fantasy girl yeah

She’s my life time fantasy girl
She’s my life time fantasy girl
Life time fantasy girl
She’s my life time fantasy girl
in fantasy i would **** every woman on earth past present and future in fantasy i would *** in her mouth and she would drink and swallow and love it in fantasy i would **** her ***** *** mouth armpits ears nose anywhere i could slip it in and *** all over her and she would gobble my every drop in fantasy i would spread her open and lick and **** and slurp her furry ***** and ******* until she orgasmed a trillion times in fantasy i would stick my head so far up her ***** i could wear her as a hat in fantasy i would fist her **** and ***** so deep my fingertips could tickle the inside of her tummy in fantasy she would overpower me and *** on me and climb on top and **** and **** my **** and milk me dry and wipe my *** and change my diapers in reality i’m deeply grateful for a glance look just to be noticed a smile friendly word greeting flirt in reality a kiss and hug would feel so good a **** touch would melt me just one special girl would be such an immense exquisite thrill in reality i’m appreciative for anything i can get
Mark Tilford Apr 2016
Why do you not share  
Out of fear ?
Your fantasy
or of
Big *****
The touch of a whip
Your fantasy
Women to women
Men to men
A *******
A foursome
One or more
Walking naked through
someone's door
Your fantasy
Dressing like a man
Dressing like woman
Playing doctor and nurse
Your Fantasy
does not have to be
It is not a curse
just quenching your thirst
Go ahead let it be the first
Let your hair down
Be submersed
In your fantasy
Get out of your agony
It's not insanity
It is a fantasy
There is no shame
in a little pain
You have nothing to lose
Why would you let it be
such a recluse
Let  loose
be seductive
Your fantasy
I would just bet your partner would dare
Shalley Jun 2019
A world that everyone wished for
A world where extraordinary things exist
A world where anyone is believed to be powerful
And it's the fantasy world

Fantasy, fantasy, fantasy
Yes, it's just a fantasy
Made by person with great imagination
And it's so sad to think that it's only an illusion

What can we do if we are living in this world
Where anyone is being bullied
Being discriminated
Being underestimated
Where anybody treat each other like animals

Yes, it is very complicated
But that's what reality is
That's the world we are living right now
Crimes are everywhere...
And technology manipulates people
That's the truth, and it hurts.

How I wish that Fantasy world exists
Where anyone can make impossible things possible
Where everything seems to be perfect and incredible
But then again, it's so sad to think
That Fantasy will never be Reality
hazem al jaber Oct 2017
Fantasy ...

over there ...
always many things ...
follows us wherever we go ...
shares our feelings ...
lives within us ...
with every thing we saw ...
wherever ...
even into our dreams ...
to give us the happiness ...
that we really need ...
but it never mercy us ...
never come as we need ...
such as ...
passion ...
longings ...
love and leave ...
to leave us with what won't to be ...
it's the life ...
we have no choice ...
that's why we run away ...
always trying to do ...
to hide from the reality ...
and to create our own world ...
our own fantasy ...
where we can live ...
our fantasy ...
as we need ...

yes i do ...
i live a fantasy ...
and an amazing fantasy ...
only with you ..
and through you ...
my dear sweetheart ...
my beauty lady ...
whom i live within always ...
and would love to be ...
through my fantasy ...
only with you ...

good morning...

hazem al ...
Evynne May 2013
A place in which I know nothing about, an unknown world
A world unlike any I have ever known to exist, an opposite of this reality
A place only to be traveled to by deep sleep or sweet reverie
A world of pure innocence and raw creativity, a world of adventure and fantasy
A place where you can fly into the cosmos
And soar through the universe until you become nothing but sparkling stardust

A realm where blood isn't pumping through your veins, but rather what flows through is stardust
A world within a world
A realm where physicalities are meaningless and existence lies within the cosmos
A world that causes you to question your own rendition of the word "reality"
A realm that both defines and illustrates the meaning of the word "fantasy"
And is inherently bigger than any one dream or reverie

Something like that of an endless reverie
A myriad of universes and ever-glowing stardust
Something like that of an endless fantasy
A myriad of imaginings and an ever-growing illusory world
Something like that of a castle in the sky, nothing like that of harsh reality
A myriad of thoughts that turn into pictures and skies that turn into the cosmos

Have you ever journeyed into the cosmos?
Through shut eyes and intense dreaming or through glassy eyes and pleasant reverie?
Have you ever left this reality?
Joined the entities of another realm, disintegrated into the galaxy and became stardust?
Have you ever traveled to another world?
Became another entity, fully embraced a potent fantasy?

I wish to travel to this place and immerse myself in the fantasy
I want to become one with the cosmos
And escape the physical world
I wish to travel to this place and immerse myself in the reverie
I want to become one with the universe through the merging of our inner reaching stardust
And escape this tugging reality

Nothing is more terrifying or confining than what I know as reality
Nothing is more appealing or liberating than what I know as fantasy
I am a soul and I am stardust
I am the universe and I am the cosmos
I am a dream and a reverie
All within a world outside of a world

A place existing outside the lines of reality, a place within easy reach of the cosmos
A world born unto fantasy, a world fueled through reverie
A realm overpowered by stardust, a realm that is not of this world
Caroline  May 2013
Caroline May 2013
The things I desire
I lie down but I'm not tired
I do this so I can let my mind wander
It always goes to the same place
but nothing is always the same
The unicorns here are pink
never white nor black
the rainbows are filled with colors you can't even imagine
but never white nor black
the trees in my fantasy
are made up of delicious cotton candy

In my fantasy
the roads are rocky road ice cream
and the people are the sweetest sour patch kids
this is my fantasy
the things I dream of
I wish my fantasy was reality
but would never want this reality to be my fantasy
because I would be scared to go to sleep.

I wrote this when I was 11.
Styles  Dec 2015
Styles Dec 2015
When I take your world by storm,
I promise to never do you harm.
Just force you to fall in love,
and catch you in my arm.
Use my body temperature
to keep your body warm.
It wont be long before you are,
in love with the way I perform.
How I kiss, how I charm.
set your body on fire,
ring your bell like an alarm.  

Doing bad things to you baby,  
enjoying taking them too far.
I saw that you want me,
now it’s time for you to come and get me.
Fell in love with you from the start,
now we are at my favorite part.
making your head swirl.
Flipping your world,
stripping your clothes off
as we get it on.
Getting you going,
until we are both gone.
make you feel my body,
the way your eyes are touching me
is really turning me on.

Teach you how to love me,
fulfilling my fantasy.
This is more than just ***,
I want you to take your time
blowing my mind, give it to me
like you want it, like I am what you need.
like I am you dream and you are my fantasy.
Have you ever had a fantasy boyfriend?
The kind that thinks that you’re
A couple
Despite the fact that
You don’t have their cell number
Nor their name,
You never had *** or traded spit
They don’t know where you live
They, in fact, know nothing about you

A little laughter shared
A momentary giggle waiting
for the bathroom door to open
And bam! Like Zeus.
Without your ever knowing, you are a team.
A team that never engages
but together none the less. Solid.
Ride or Die.
Then one day
You have an ugly break up.
You never saw it coming
What did you do, you wonder?
He won’t speak to me!
He’s mad. Filled with resentment.
His eyes are on fire. I am hated.
He will show up the next time we see one another
with a woman
And that’s when you finally know for certain
You just had a Fantasy Boyfriend
How did you rupture?
It’s an eerie realization.
Like understanding in an instant
that neither are you the ventriloquist
nor the dummy
But somehow
go back into the box.

Better still, have you ever encountered the sub-species
Fantasy Bad Boyfriend?
Or Fantasy Abusive Bad Boyfriend?
They are perhaps the worst of the lot, naturally.
They don’t call.
They date other women.
They sit in their living rooms assured that you’re waiting at their front door.
In the rain.
With flowers.
Over and over the bell, ring though it might
It pleads on your behalf.
And yet they will not answer
And I was not standing there.
I was at the beach
watching the rain fall upon on the water.

You never called
so when they
And return unannounced
You’re just now finding out that
there are serious cracks in your relationship.
They used you
They played with your heart
They apologize for the treatment of which you are so very undeserving
They never wanted you.

Yet you never spoke.
Never popped over with
Nor cookies!
Never sat in your car waiting
You were out town the entire
You two did see a movie once.
That is true.

But now you’re over.
And he’s moved on.
And suggests with his absence?
that you do the same.
You can tell.

Some days your paths cross.
He stands still as Jesus
At the Hollywood Farmer’s Market.
With his wife and new baby
She looks at you with suspect eyes while you think about the tomatoes.
Someone wags their tail and hopefully they will quickly move along
en famille.
You hold your tomato plants and shudder.
You walk over to the double blossom peppermint tulips.
Tight little babies ready to unfurl.
The ones you never gave him.
Lonely Heart  Apr 2019
Mind Salad
Lonely Heart Apr 2019
What is fantasy?
False fantasy confession
Understanding by analogy
The fantasy of me
Counter brainwaves
With thought guns
Deceive me
I am a self agenda
Schools are found
In the background
School mask
Real me
Real mask
School me
Happy he should be
Look down
Straight Shot
Straight up
It's up
Fantasy is theater
Acting like a character
How many writers in a snare.
One by one making a dare
School of thought thought up
Subscribers indentured to strange
What a hollow soto
A thin man's polo
Stripped with dread
Woe on theater
Theater is the past
Back in history
****** get hit by disarray
This is a history made this way
Only character hits from these paypools
Not so obvious doc!
Try to be less conscious!
Tu lewai to LA FENESTRA
I'm playing the tropes
That I loathe and despire
Even I hide my own words
Get a thought recorder
Shipping and packaging is free for the day.
250 of the most popular
Words arranged in draft sentances
I am a fantasy! U play in.
Don't worry
I am an expert attorney
Trained in exquisite self fantasy
Proffessor of Future Fantasies
Or maybe Garfield the nat
"Sneekky rouououttttt. I know the truuttthh.
It's a parks and rec
Adventure sketch
I am declining
I've lost my health
This issssnnn'tttt FAIR
Director "CUT!"
How can you
From mys
Who buys it?

— The End —