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Dnlbllrd Oct 9
She is the cloud
Where my befouled soul goes up to
Only to be cleanse
To make me feel better
After the grueling fight under the sun
Trying to live
Dnlbllrd Oct 8
Hold my hand
Fly with me to neverland
Let's cruise to the stars
Tell me your life's memoir

Bring all your hate and pain
We'll scream it all on the rain
You'll never be alone
As we conquer the unknown

Take a leap of faith
I got all the pixie dust
We'll leave the netherworld
And feed our wanderlust
Dnlbllrd Oct 7
You're an unrivaled drug
That opens up a new universe
With endless void of love-
Overwhelming all the suffering,
In this cruel world I have
You're the compelling light
That rival thousand stars
With you the universe unite-
Planets aligns, words rhymes
With you, I awaken betimes
With pills in my hand
Dnlbllrd Sep 26
Rustling, leaves in the crimson tree

Whistling, gentle breeze of the air

Scorching, lenient touch by the sun

Came a sprout of a new beginning
Dnlbllrd Sep 26
Don't be troubled by towering height
Don't be affright by thine oversight
For people die without seeing the skylight
Because of the fear of traveling at night

Rove, light thine klieg light
Travel, map your path with thine foresight
Despite the hardship awaits twilight
Finite delight, behold the starlight
Dnlbllrd Sep 24
You made surreal things so real
Dnlbllrd Sep 21
Bloods rushing

Bones calcifying

Feelings ramifying

Heart's flying

Mind's barking
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