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Àŧùl Apr 2015
You have imprinted all your memories here,
And now you do not have to at all fear.

You just tell me what and I will not just hear,
With all my soul I will always strive to listen.

You look beautiful in the night lamp dear,
For all the beads of your sweat will glisten.

You look gorgeous with those pearls there,
From your forehead they all are descended.

You appear youthful with those curls there,
Around your ears they all are so nicely coiled.

You appear deadly with those curvy eyes,
Lucky me I'll cherish their charms for lifelong.

You look fabulous with your lips quivering,
Even in my dreams I have not been luckier.
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My HP Poem #838
©Atul Kaushal
Jodey Ross Oct 2014
I would just like to announce that today I am officially two hundred days clean from cutting! :D
Morrissey Smith Apr 2014
The thing I love about cats
Is that they can wear hats
I'd love them to wear spatz
But that would look ridiculous.

A cat in a hat
Dancing in spatz
Is the key to my happiness
Fancy that!
I really like cats and by like I mean LOVE

— The End —