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Steve Page Mar 31
I feel like I should say
something of substance
something of meaning
something of the moment,

but I remain empty.
British politics ....
Shlomo Feb 6
The scale of my ambition.

It’s getting too large to construct on my own.

Like many Africans, I’ve had enough.

News coverage showcasing this region.

Does nothing but reinforce the legion that you bring forth.


Now, I’ll spare you the analogies and set it out clearly.

To all those that are out to “end poverty”.

I applaud your initiative, your drive and determination.

So bear with me as I lay into you. I’m doing it out of love. Trust me.

Whenever I hear your mission.

I think “here we go again with the bare minimums.”

Nothing but bare minimums.

I yearn to be part of a new breed of Africans.

Who want to do more than just end poverty.

What about all those who have escaped its deathly grip.

But still live precarious and unfulfilled lives?

My mission is to build an empire.

To empower. To nurture innovation and prosperity.

One that surpasses anything you could ever imagine and conceive.

If you think that’s ridiculous and absurd.

Wait till you see how I plan on going about this deed.

If I hear another **** politician talking about “ending poverty.”

I swear I’ll ******* snap.

But don’t worry, it’ll just be a picture.

One more to my growing catalogue.

Reminding me of your never-ending plan of world *******.

“So remember guys, bare minimum. Say it with me.

“Bare minimum.”
Sorry if I hurt your feelings. That's not my intention. I'm just as passionate about this as you are.
a Baptist
cleric that
was once
monotonous an
underwear vamp
that really
would camp
and throw
flowers with
magnolia in
spring and
barter his
loaf with
Virginia too
a stranger
in flux
for blitzkrieg
Big Virge Jan 17
Okay Okay ... !!!
Some are making claims ...
That things ... Will Change ...
Because ...
Corbyn's Made ... GAINS ... !!!
But Brexit' ... STILL STAYS ...
Because the ... UK ...
REFUSED to .... Remain .... !!!
So ......
Don't Get CARRIED AWAY ... !!!!!
Try USING Your BRAIN ... !!!
If He Did get ...  “ Control “ ...
How d'ya think ... He'd ROLL ... ?
With The ...
Donald Trump Show .... !?!?!
Folks ....
I Don't Know .... ???
About these ... “ Polls “ ...
And ... All These Votes .... ????
A Lot of ... FANCY Quotes ...
Do NOT .... Denote ....  
That change is COMING ... !!!
Presidents ...  
Keep GUNNING ... !!!
And YES ... Gum Running .... !!!!!!
While People ... Keep Frontin' ...
Bout' ... " Changing Something " ... !?!
Because of ... Majorities ...
Won by .... " Minorities " ... !?!
Political .... “ Cliques “....
Really AREN'T ... that big ... !!!
and are ... Into Things ....
That are TRULY ... SICK...
As well as being .... Racist .... !!!!!!
Ethnically Cleansing ...
Whilst saying ...  
“ They're Mending !!! ” ...
Because They ... Keep Lending ...
For us to ... KEEP Spending ... !!!
Instead of ... UPSETTING ...
THEY and Their ... Friend dem' ... ?!?
So .....
Don't Get CARRIED AWAY ... !!!
With things that they ... " Say " ...
Or.... Political Sways ....
cos' when you ...
REALLY ... “ Check It “ ...
Don't These MP's ... Play .... ?
Their ... " Political Games " ...
In The ... " Same Old Space " ... !?!
Where ... Players ...
Use Space like ... INVADERS ... !!!
These heads Are ...  
.... " Enslavers "  ....
of thinking that's  
..... SINKing ...... !!!!!
Which is why they  
Keep .... Winning .... !!!
But ... Whoever wins ...
Gets Embroiled in ... " THINGS " ... !!!
That ...
Link them to ... SINS ... !!!
WHOEVER .... They are .....
And that's just ... The Start ... !!!
But Yet ..
CERTAIN Heads ...
Are Taking ... Some Heart ...
From Voting that ... Casts ...  
A path with ... some light ...
In days that are ... DARK ... !!!!!!
But ...
That things ... Rarely EVER ...
are as they ... “ Appear “ ...
Politics and ..... “ Veneers “ .....
are things that ... Lay WASTE ...
To Voting and .... Fates  ....
Like ....  
Prime Minister Mays'... !?!
Well ....
Not YET .... Anyway ...  ???
Which ...  
Nicely Segues ...
To Now End This ... Wordplay
That .... Poetically States ...
That ...
Political Sways ...
DO NOT ... Change The Game ... !!!!!
So REMEMBER Okay ...
" Don't Get Carried Away ! "
UK Politics, and recent election results in England, inspired this, and with regard to This Brexit' Nonsense, be it Corbyn or May, folks, as the poem says,


Listen Over Here ......
HeWhoExplores Dec 2018
Leaves crumble under unwashed trainers; silence
He walks along the avenue with hands in pockets,
As street lamps pave the way along the lonely avenue
A Hen Party is sighted; their noisy presence noticed
Out of nowhere a taxi rolls up, a casualty is claimed
He gazes at the midnight stars and smiles
Like a fantasy; a big bubble that hasn’t yet burst
Conversing and gentle laughter picks up at the street corner,
Whilst crowds of hipsters and young people dance and discuss
As Friday nights go; rules are meant to be broken
As this quaint little place provides an escape from it all
With its neon signs and hippy vibes,
Its bonsai trees and chandeliers
Bikes hang from the walls and flower pots roam free
He is greeted by an Ola! and a welcoming smile
A piano sounds from within, a cold breeze chills his neck
He rolls up his collar and enters; silence
Boris likes to stroke his Mogg
Merkel loves a hot Macron
David Davis hates to Barnier
Keir Starmer gels with Garnier

May adores her slimy Gove
While Corbyn woos the Abbott
Liz Truss? Such angry sourpuss
Herself to champion loudly fuss

And Greening's not for leaning
Against the Brexit so opposed
Sajid wants a blimp of Trump
Which has given Donald the ****

Whilst in the gilt historic chair
We’ve a bent partisanal ******
Cash grabbing John the squeaker
Bercow! How in hell are you still Speaker?

Now when speaking of selfish greed
Travel. Duck houses. Second homes, and such
Let’s remember; as not to would be unfair
That glib arrogant war-monger; Blair

I’ve had enough of all of them
The Blunts. The Hunts. The useless…
Pieces of flotsam and jetsom
Don’t even start me on Leadsom!

©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)
On the subject of politics and Westminster in 2018 - Brexit etc, and the inadequacy of our politicians on all sides of the divide.
Kai Aug 2018
i grew up on pączki
not on krispy kreme
polish american boy
being the translator for my parents
telling the grocery workers
"proszę cztery jabłka"
because my parents couldn't

until i left
i didn't realise how much i would miss
pączki, flaki, pierogi
i didn't realise how much i would miss
the sludgy winters and beautiful springs
and i didnt realise id never see my home again

it's been four years
and i dream of going back
to the markets and the parks
to the ruins where i grew up

but it's going to be a while till i eat a good pierogi again.
ive accepted that
but poland will always be one of my homes
and i can't wait
i cant wait to go back.
i lived in poland for four years. i miss it.
Kon Grin Jul 2018
ive seen the world all people same
we love we fear, deprived, insane
absolute mass and no division for the HQ supervision
we are Trialed in side by solicitude at night
blindfolded OF!
superiority of those that are biting in our nose
medicating under-eighteen that appear so differently
and thus don't reap the boredom we are destined to live through
im sorry that I'm different
and I'm sorry that I speak
for the nation of the flowers
all fragile but not weak
A call out to generation X
CK Baker Jul 2018
through the streets and column cracks
culture weaves and summer smacks
sacred figures, holy shrine
monastery in grand design

cathedrals, convents, heaven’s stars
god of neptune, god of mars
doge’s palace, alley ways
gondolier on full display

winged lions on pastel breeze
cicada singing from the trees
pillar walk of saint mark's square
basilica in all its flare

crosses shade the carousel
a bridge of sigh that leads to hell
golden stairs on placid ridge
arches of rialto bridge

torcello! murano! grigio!
the countess rides the river poe!
sins of seven, fiery hides
poplars bank the levee side

black plague, attila the ***
eden formed before the sun
paradise above the marsh
high alter, gothic arch

middle age, religious wars
celestial fountains, marble floors
sculpted peacock, catholic faith
all is true the great god saith
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