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sage silcrow Oct 23
she embraced me like my own ribcage,
which left my heart to disphage
disphage is made up:
dis meaning opposite of
phage meaning devour

- spellthief
sage silcrow Oct 23
Acid burns but has it's usage
Lucid discern with the right dosage
- spellthief
  Oct 19 sage silcrow
A M Ryder
Just as perfect
As the music is painful
They took their time
Piece by piece
Placing every star
Casting out the constellations bright
And you alike
To the furthest reaches
But never too far
These perfect points set
So you never forget who you are
sage silcrow Oct 19
i hope you drown in those eggshells
you had to walk on.
mope after your fake crown, you fell,
what a shock, withdrawn
and when you're done, beg in hell
for a key to a lock gone.
- spellthief
sage silcrow Oct 9
I woke up today
wearing morose colored glasses
Who put them on me
while I slept I wonder.

Can we try the rose tint tomorrow?
- spellthief
sage silcrow Oct 4
i stitch myself back together

with strands plucked from conscience

glistening points drawn out into gossamer

you come to me in comets

bringing the dawn to an astronomer

scried in seams of aether
- spellthief
sage silcrow Sep 29
I'm always out of mana      How can I cast my spells?
We are just fauna smoking marijuana      Will we last in hell?
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