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sage silcross Mar 2021
I fell into a hole,
I thought it was my grave
With no one to console,
I was stuck not like a mole
Life I began to crave
And the hole became a cave
just a random lil diddy
  Nov 2020 sage silcross
A M Ryder
It's a big word for me
I feel it everywhere
Almost home
Almost happy
Almost changed
Almost, but not quite
Not yet
Soon, maybe
sage silcross Oct 2020
Wish I could ask, why did you let me go
Since you left time has moved so slow
Nothing hurts like seeing your smile
Intangible, locked away in permanent file

Out of my misery and into the fire
sage silcross Oct 2020
The pit in my stomach
Becoming a black hole
A hit I did not covet
Succumb to the black hole
from Aug 31
sage silcross Jul 2020
the small voice saying:
"why did she let me go"
is a broken record
that I cannot change.
not really a poem but it's from my heart
  Dec 2019 sage silcross
A M Ryder
There are two kinds of people
Sharks and

Sharks are winners
They never look back
Because they have no necks

Necks are for sheep
sage silcross Oct 2019
she embraced me like my own ribcage,
which left my heart to disphage
disphage is made up:
dis meaning opposite of
phage meaning devour

- spellthief
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