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oh God,

rhyming needs timing
**timing needs reading.
  Mar 2016 Reikatsu Inigukko
Kaibigan 'yan ang tingin mo sa akin,
Kailanman di mo ako kayang mahalin.
Di ko ninais
Boom panes
Sa samahan na nabuo natin, ako'y nabihag mo,
Subalit di mo naman sinabi na ito'y isang malaking laro.
Iniisip ng iba meron tayong relasyon,
Ang hindi nila alam ito'y isang ilusyon.
Umasa ako ng "tayo",
Ngunit ako'y nasaktan lamang,
Sapagka't ikaw ay may kasintahan.
Di kita masisisi kung iba ang iyong pinili,
Dahil maski ako di pipiliin ang sarili.
Sa mga sinabi mo, ako'y naniwala,
Kahit na may iba akong hinala.
Ganun pa man, ako'y nagtiwala;
ngunit ito'y iyong sinira.

Di ko alam kung saan magsisimula,
Dahil ang puso ko ay wasak na wasak na.
Akala ko iba ka,
Yun pala katulad ka lang nila.
Akala ko noon ikaw ay maginoo,
Yun pala ay isang loko loko.
Pinagmalaki kita dahil sa iyong mabuting puso,
Di inaasahan na ako ay maloloko.
Ako'y nanghihinayang,
Pero para sayo balewala lang.
Ganyan ka ba kamanhid,
Di mapansin na ako'y nasasamid,
Tuwing nakikita kayo sa paligid.
Masakit na makita kayong dalawa,
Pero wala na akong magagawa,
Dahil masaya ka na sa piling nya.

Gusto ko ilabas ang nararamdaman ko,
Pero ayokong makita mo na ako ay apektado.
Gusto ko magreklamo, gusto kita murahin,
Pero biglang napaisip, ito pala'y isang sariling katangahan.
Ang hirap magmahal ng isang kaibigan lalo na kung one sided love. Yung feeling na kahit kailan di nya mapapansin yung feelings mo for him, dahil para sa kanya, di kayo talo.
I am fascinated by all of you
Will I and you forever be true?
The way your lips melt onto mine
It tastes like you, so divine
Their shape and definition
This love our only ammunition
They fit so perfectly
For this long eternity
Put them on mine
And we will combine
I remember that one moment
Over me, you have the potent
It was between a look
Something that from me you took
And that one little kiss
Where the worlds will stop
My legs threatened to drop
For the briefest time
That pure and unstained prime
The only thing between us
The away time to discuss
It is the anticipation
It is the stimulation
A moment so intense
To find out what were up against
Then we finally realise
I have you for my paradise
And it is only just beginning
A thousand lives you live,
but please don’t try to tame them.
With all the love you give
you might as well be an alien.

I won’t torch down your roots,
the nature of a wild thing.
With denim and with ***** boots
singing the blues and dancing to the swing.

A thousand tales you tell
about the stars and wicked moonshine.
But all I need to hear
is a tune that I can call mine.

I won’t slow down the beat
of this aching heart’s desire
as I wander across this world
and my soul is set on fire.
It's 7:00 in the morning and the breeze is cold.
I let my feet walk into my little kitchens abode.
To boil some water from my cute little pan,
for my small kettle was broken and no more fun.

Prepping my stein for my early morning grind,
I call it coffbit's (Hobbit's Coffee) time in my old but cozy and  lovely shire.
Some like it with sugar, toffee, mocha or milk,
but still I'd prefer it brewed cause it's classic and pretty bare.

Sipping it while sitting in front of my fireplace,
to start my day with full of goodness grace.

Coffbit seems a little bit odd and prime,
but I wouldn't call it a day without my hobbit's time.
Procaffeinating at it's finest.:)
my small frame always had no place in your wandering eyes.
you dream of unmapped universes – endless seas and abstract love.
but i was stumbling in the little things:
        all of our moments and our lack thereof.

you waltzed through the days, the months and the years
you sought sunsets and moon phases in an endless chase
but i was left begging after the seconds,
for another moment in your embrace.

to you i am but a dismissive sentence in your explorer's log,
               a grain of salt in a desert of sands.
but to you i will dedicate stanzas and lines –
all the prettiest adjectives for our abandoned wonderlands.
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