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Oscar Mann Feb 2018
I was walking in the landscape
Of my crowded mind
Surrounded by noisiness
And poisonous commotion

Until I found a place
And peace of mind
A sphere of silence
Like a dome inside my head

But to hear nothing
And to see nothing
Is to be left alone
With anything the mind conjures up

With brooding thoughts
And troubling doubts
Surrounded by clouds
And self-inflicted commotion

The sound of silence
Is the best thing around
Until it becomes too loud

And when it becomes too loud
There is no doubt
That I begin to long for sound
Oscar Mann Feb 2018



Oscar Mann Jan 2018
Another day to procrastinate
Another day to stray
Another day to think about
Another day to wait
Another day for marvelous strategies
Another day to think
Another day to plan ahead
Another day for lifeless effigies
Another day for a poem to come my way
Another day for a line
Another day for a question mark
Another day for another day
Oscar Mann Jan 2017
We shook hands, standing on the bridge
At the end of everything that was
You were looking at the water
A dark menace now looking wonderfully comforting
And surprisingly inviting
I was looking at you
Frailty and wonderful beauty combined
Yet shockingly cold

You went to one end, I to the other
At the end of everything that was
You were looking at the suburbs
The mess of the sprawl now looking comforting
And surprisingly inviting
I was looking at you
A dot disappearing into nothingness
Yet shockingly ever present
Oscar Mann Jan 2017
With one eye fixed on the new year
The other on the crazy cat standing near
I smile and find
That hope is on my mind
Oscar Mann Dec 2016
Grandiose curiosum
Tittle-tattle tralala
Association after association
What has been and could have been
And would have been and isn’t
The fourth rack wrecks
With rumours and whispers
And dishonest lies
But sell your soul for some sales
And you’ll end up in an endless devaluation
Of the moral
And the valuable
And decency and fact
Between a cold Sun and a dead Star
There is nothing worthy to Express
Oscar Mann Nov 2016
I didn’t vote, because I didn’t care
And it didn’t matter anyway
A pawn I was, a silly ant
My vote was mine to throw away

And thus ended election day
With the grave result for all to see
By throwing away my precious vote
I too instigated the second-rate democracy
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