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McLeod Jun 2019
Thin as paper,
Green as a bush,
Doesn’t talk like a dictator,
Ground like mush.

Swaying in the wind,
Whistling like above,
Staying there as if pinned,
Swaying like a dove.

Crunchy for a bug,
Disgusting for us,
Running like a sparkplug,
Yet makes no fuss.

Reborn as if new,
Rustling as if happy,
A new place, it grew,
Not like a tree, not sappy.

Like a forest,
Where it blows with the air,
Singing a chorus,
That’s never there.
A Grass Poem I made for school.
Poetic T Jul 2016
We are the "What if's, could we
have done better with our lives,
"What if, we had thought with
our mouths not with our minds?

"What if's, they plague our ever
moments of give and take. "What if,
we didn't rationalize our every
constructed moments and were like
a breeze of I'm going to do that.

Not held back at that moment of
indecisions and descend
statically on our conscience.

"What if I hadn't wrote this?

But I went with what I knew was
needed. Never once A given thought
except in words on paper that
"What if,
No one reads this, then that's their fault.
Oscar Mann Nov 2015
I tend to mix up do’s and don’ts
Not out of recklessness
Malice or even stupidity
It’s more a second nature
To walk into precarious situations
Ignoring well-meant advice
Setting off alarms
And wreak havoc
And instigate confusion
And set of ***** traps
To see what might happen
And I am well aware
That curiosity killed the cat
But as long as I’m still standing
I’ll do what I shouldn’t
Because life’s for the living
And living is all about mucking about
Without do’s and don’ts
And with enough curiosity
To make a grown man cheer
Arcassin B Mar 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

So When you've,
Met with your maker in a dream,
You do,
Absolutely nothing,
But be scared for your life,
If that's what you choose to sacrifice,
We don't have time for stones and ice,
Told you to pay up,
Now your forced to pay the price,
No one will know if there's an after life,
So you don't live once,
Baby You live twice.
I believe it ✌
Jazzelle Monae Dec 2014
I want to drown in ***

Wallow in tequila

Suffocate in bourbon

And by the time I fall asleep

I’ll forget about you

And when I wake

I’ll celebrate with mimosas,

Her name far away from my tongue
And you still would not notice

Because your beer

With two X’s

Will kiss me and keep me intoxicated

Until I pop two fizzes

Seltzer and sober

And I’ll remember

Why I never wanted to fall in love

— The End —