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Nitin Bisht Dec 2018
Waking up today with slimy face,
thoughtless about the future.
Like an idler, I think
my destiny awaits for miracles
For one of them will be HER
whose smile is more beautiful
than my morning dreams.
Nitin Bisht Nov 2018
I am the beginning, I am the end
I am unfathomable and intagibly blend

The creator of deep and divine sleep
I devise the Silence , not creeps

What a hearsay - "Wicked dwells at my lee",
Ha, i see only humans tarried here for free.

My existence made the star glow
Whole Celestial unfailingly borrow

Light,Light ,Light
bright, admired however trite

"My confidante, dont forget", I remark
When ever there is light, there is always dark
Nitin Bisht Nov 2018
Thanks for telling me i am not perfect,
well noone is.
Thanks for making me cry,
well the sky does it too.
Thanks for the cherishing reveries in the past,
well i am slaked now
Thanks for leaving me without batting an eye,
well i was incognizant

Thanks for making me smile endlessly
even if you are the reason for my current misery
Nitin Bisht Nov 2018
I glanced at the station from an unclear window,
people oblivious to my existence coming by,
some with full of joy and fantasies,
others with hellos and goodbyes.

While sensing being the only introvert
with my 90's desolated playlist,
she came towards me, with a west to east smile,
settling, asked me to help out with her load.

I bobbed, and,
The earth started to rip away,
I feel the winds of change blowing in my face
I wrote it while travelling in a train
Nitin Bisht Nov 2018
In the midst of sleep,
Away from an iffy dream,
Through the aperture in the window,
I saw a shaft of light,
gleaming, dazzling,
killing the demons of the morn.
Though one pulverizing but smiling wryly,
reminds me of its return at night quietly.

— The End —