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Don't touch that it's lava it's hot!
Don't worry I'm resistant to Lava you see I can do what I want and it won't hurt me.
So step into the lava and prove it to me!
Oops, I roll a 1 on my die!
I guess that means you fried!
Bye ,bye.
Copy right Michael Robert Triska 2018 Players luck! For Dwarven apocalypse game.
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Taking a chance to roll the die,
Hoping to land a critical strike,
On your heart,

I’ll be by your side,
Singing you songs about the feelings I can’t hide,
I’ll be your bard,
In disguise,

My turns next,
And I can’t wait,
To see if the die brings us any closer to our first date,

You’re as wonderful as they come,
No DM can deny it,
The way you light up the room,
With your dancing lights,
That you cast from behind your eyelids,

Let’s get a pint,
And start to unwind,
As I tell you the tales,
Of how you stole this heart o’ mine.

— The End —