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Levi Kips Jul 8
When I saw you for the first time I was blinded by you
like staring into a July Sun at 1 O'clock in the afternoon after being stuck in a December darkness all night in a windowless room.I instantly knew that you were the one I've been searching for.
That pearly smile you wear tells me that this feeling is just as reflective as your teeth.
Blinded by your beauty I relied on my sense of sound to listen to you.
What I heard was November 26th our anniversary, I heard my heart constantly saying your name in morse code and each time sounding more like audibled calligraphy, I started hearing a life where I woke up to the most precious sounding alarm clock in existence and it was just the sound of you sleeping.
Deafened by a world I was too hasty for I relied on my sense of touch to survive the first page of this fairytale love we were booked for.
The longer I exist near you the more I entertain learning braille because I want to be able to express to her this Titanic hitting feeling I have whenever your anemic iceberg hands will claspe mine and it's time for true love to write more than poems through me in a way I love you and I do's will never be able to live up to.
When I met you I had a sensory overload,
I couldn't keep my eyes on you like a punch struckened boxer trying to focus on the referee in a 10 count, Every breathe I drew that smelt like you let me know that you were right by side like a siamese twins, The sound of your voice created a happiness that not even the best animator could recreate with the sharpest of pencils, the feeling I got from our first hug reminds me of bench pressing for the first time, it's a feeling that I will never be able to recreate again only crumble under, get used to or make stronger.
The first entry in my soon to be book
Levi Kips May 5
Labelist theory states:
If a person is labeled something they are not and they don't agree with, one day they will stop defending themselves and be exactly what they are accused of being.

I'm being called an arsonist by a jury of my peers. By a jury of people who hang with me but now listening to someone who solely wants to see me dangling. I find myself constantly trying to protect my image like copyrights. But no matter the protection plan I enstate, I always find my name somewhere being defaced. I guess respect, loyalty and friendship wasn't enough to protect something like that. If it is then why am I catching charges. Why am I catching OJ treatment when yall say I will be missed like Ladanian on the chargers. Why is action only taken when the news say to take someone out like Michael Vick and not when a player asks you to look at the real problem like Colin Kaepernick. Maybe I'm not the one on trial, maybe this trial was a trial and error to see if this jury was a jury of my peers in the first place. And if this is the case then this a mistrial because I won't allow people who say they will miss me like Ladanian to the chargers be the same ones to take everything I worked with to another area code and call it by the same name. You can foot me the Bills because this is a OJ glove that I see fit. I am arsonist to the ties we had because that same rope won't be my nuse. I set fire to all your expectations of me because I won't watch my name get defaced like your personal property anymore. I accept your label for me with open arms because there is some borderline truth behind every sterotype, rumor, or lie because I have found mine.
Levi Kips Mar 27
The way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine
Open hand or closed fist would be fine
The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.

I love hard
I love like a boxing glove loves connecting with a jaw, or my jaw.
Or My love loves connecting with me sometimes that she forgets to wear the gloves,
or get a referee,
or let me know that we are playing this game.
I only know to play along when I hear the bell ring,
or if there's a ringing in my ear from her love taps and she's in that love me stance.
That stance the world ALWAYS misinterprets
The world says that stance means I'm the enemy
But they don't understand our language
In our language that means she's about to give love to my heart
like CPR, so open up and get ready for a pounding.
So open up and take my heart that is yours,
nothing about our love is Taxidermy
it is as true as purple is for royalty
or purple for my skin every time you show your love for me.
This is not abuse, she's not a tornado and i'm not a Kansas home
She's only testing my foundation
Separating the weak parts from the strong
That's normal right?
For the first time i'm doing something normal right?
Thats why we tell our sons to Man up right?! we punch our sons but kiss our daughters.
I'm just doing what i'm told:
Risk it for the biscuit
Do what boxers do, sway with the punches, don't resist
Others say what if this is abuse
I say love is like any drug, and what's a drug without its side effects.
When we lose consciousness together at night, that high is worth all the burning sensation retaliation words I build up in the back of my throat like ****.
When we are alone and I can finally inject her in my system heroine, the track marks she leaves after loving me is the best part cause even when she is gone I can look down at the marks and feel the love all over again.
My love is the only drug I need, it hits hard but....

Thats the way she tells me I'm hers and she is mine
Open hand or closed fist, its all fine
The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine.
Levi Kips Feb 25
Come on feet, i know it feels like these shoes are made out of cement blocks the closer we get to her, but would rather take heavy steps to your future or try to run on the never ending treadmill called the friend zone.
Come on chest, when she opens that door ima need your best Brock Lesnar impression and show her that your pecks are muscle enough to be both bulletproof vest and pillow enough for her to lay her head on for forever.
Come on abs, i need you to be vacuum cleaner to all that access skin that might try escape the shirt, that might try to tell a story that doesn't exist like us packing 6 pack beer belly instead of a 6 pack wash board of a core.
Come on eyes, the name of the game is not to be hypnotized. try not to be lost in her amazonian beauty.  and don't cheat the both of us by quitting the game and looking away. we want her to see our eagle eye is meant to point out any threat thats near not show her our attention is not here with her.
Come on hands,  i need you to be more reactive than distracting. the only sign language that you need right now is the sentence **** everyone one else you're the only one for me.
Come on brain, i need you to be the best coach in the game. i need you to show her that every Tom Brady shot that gets us closer to a ring was coordinated by the Bill Belichick in us and luck has nothing to do with the strength of our intelligence.
Come on mouth, i need you to unleash your inner Mortal Kombat and finish her. Every body part has set you up for best shot in the house so all there left to do is claim the fame like jordan, don't throw away precious seconds like J.R. Smith, remember why we here. so that one day you sitting back and laughing with your little Jrs while she's carrying our last name Stith.
so come on, we got this, we all got this.
Levi Kips Dec 2018
I'm the one
I'm who you show your parents
I'm not who you tell friends
I'm safe choice
I'm the rebound
I'm the medicine for confidence
I'm below average
I'm Igor
I'm below average
I'm "some day"
I'm below average
I'm "not in a million years"
I'm talented-
But not enough to look athletic
I'm "you look like you're in the band"
I'm too short to be athlete
I'm black-
But I'm not the black you see in movies.
I'm "you know what I mean?"
I'm that guy,
somebody you used to know
but not somebody worthy of a song
I'm a place holder
I'm bare minimum
I'm the perfect shape on your personality search-
But I'm not the right height
But I'm not the right shade
But I'm not the right time
I'm not the right Greek organization
I'm what you looking for
But I'm not the one
Maybe either expand upon Greek organization line OR maybe get rid of it??? for funsies, see what happnes :D
Levi Kips Dec 2018
When you said you loved me only my left eye cried. When we together, my left side only knew love. When we were together my left side was the one you layed on. When you whispered your words of affection in my ear the left ear was always the receiver. When I was clinching your existence on a nightly basis my left arm was always on the bottom. Because my right arm was always the shield. The shield at night, the shield during the day, my shield for you, my sheild against you. The reason my right eye didn't cry too, because it's used to pain from you. My right side was both your offensive target and your defense mechanism . My right side knows what a knife in the back feels like because of your hippocracy and your hands. My right side knows things that my left side don't want to believe. Know how many times I use my right side as a bulletproof vest to danger, to the world, to you and then still be your soft side when she decided to take off the gloves. When you told me you loved me, my left side cried not because it loves you too, but for the first time it experienced pain. Pain that was only reserved for the right side. Pain that we both agreed that the left side shouldn't be exposed to like child watching their parents divorce. Unlike my right side, the left side's pain can't be healed with an ice pack, or aloe Vera, or even a good meal. When you told me you loved me was the day I became ambidextrous. The day my right and left side saw eye to eye.
Levi Kips Dec 2018
When I tell my friend you have a Resting ***** Face. What I mean to say is your face is your bulletproof vest that these one shot guys are scared to shoot their shot at. What I mean is I don't have to worry about you being caught in the teeth of some sharply dressed shark who is looking for his next meal. What I mean is the guys who are scared to break their streaks with girls they meet in a snap will rethink their next words before asking you to chat. I don't tell you have resting ***** face to bring you down a peg. I tell you this because the next wood block boy who tries to talk to you see's what I see. A intelligent young lady who won't be swept away by good looks and false momentum. A brick wall screen stopping any defender whose chasing down her future. I know if I see you with any proposition like guy I don't have to be on auto correct or grammar check him,  because if he's made it this far then he saw the beauty that’s underneath your skin and your Resting ***** Face.
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