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Well I guess people aren't that bad,
Maybe I was just meeting the wrong ones or maybe I was taking them so serious that I forgot there exist some right ones.
Well I hope it doesn't restrict just to social media and its counterparts,
and people stays the same giving hearts and helping those who are in holes of rats,
and not poking and mocking with their hated darts.
Wrote it few minutes ago while thinking hearts that people give each other on social media and all the good talk and dm.
It seemed like everyone fell apart
The board never hit the dart

Everytime i tried to speak for myself
Felt like i was nothing but an elf

When no one was willing to talk
I just went for a little walk

I started to overthink and then came in my mind
No one was ever gonna be very kind

I just went to bed thinking tomorrow will be a better day
But who knew all the thoughts would get lost in the way

Then i thought of pulling a line
But yet there was no sunshine
Just a realisation of how everything works out
alasia Dec 2015
I do not believe I could ever love anyone enough to make them my home. My home will always be red dirt and oak trees under the best sunsets in the entire sky with potato patches and country dirt roads, fumbling through sticky tourists on steamy days and letting the salt water feed my skin on the beach I spent all my summers at. My home will always be raspberry cordial and late nights in lovers lane with Canada days in crowded parks and childhood pictures with cannons, my home will always be drunken sidewalks and midnight Chinese, dancing in my drive way and smoking on my back porch. I could never make home in a person enough to follow them away from the place I love...
To be continued...
I play darts and i missed
But you made dozens of bulls-eyes
And i was everything but ******
How did you learn to be astute like that?
Consistency is what I've been looking for
Elizabeth P Aug 2014
I accept my fate at last
I burned you
You turned on me
Goodbye forever
I don't need you any more
Than you need me
Dead weight you were
For weeks now
I've just been too kind to say anything
Throw your darts all you want
Spit your poison
And fire your guns
I don't give a flip
Goodbye, B.F.
Won't miss ya either :)

— The End —