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viola Jun 20
Have you ever cut your hands
picking up
someone else's broken pieces?
shed blood
as they walk away
with the only band-aid.
Anastasia Jun 4
she was thinking again
about the seams in her legs
the stitches
and weeping.
it terrified her
the blood gushing out
torn skin
the flavor of pain
her eyes were locked open
and she stared at the seams
tears pouring from her sewed-open eyes
she sits on her pile of ashes
her blood mixing
making a muddy paste
that crusts on her eyelashes
her bruised cuts growing on her flesh
and reopening
maggots gnawing on her body
eating the remnants of flesh
and she stares.
don't follow them
Jay M May 8
Loving and fighting
Wordlessly and real
Inaudible and echoing
Accusing, denying
I wonder what has become of my mind

Helplessly crying
Forever denying
Won't let them in
They won't know
The deadly truth
That will get me sent
Far, far away
To a land unknown
Destroying my home

I deserve to be alright
I deserve to sleep at night
Suffocated by regrets
Past mistakes

One day
I fear
I could lose all I hold dear
All so near
To my heart
To my very soul

I can't imagine a world
With them all gone
Lying on the floor
Would they hear me screaming;
"Please don't leave me!"?

Take my hand
Help me
Make it alright

Pacing back and forth
As threats fly
Slipping for a second
Then I hit the ground
Play dead?
I've been dead

The aching in my soul
Driving me to suffer the extremes
Of the what the human mind can do
All to itself

Hold on
That's all I'm trying to do now
Not stay strong
Just stay

I swear
I still love you
Even if I'm doing these things
They're to myself
Punishment for my wrongs
Yet they are seen worse

Hold me
That's all I want
One person
Whomever they may be
Hold me
Tell me it'll be alright
Maybe not now
But someday

Give me someday

Help me
Give me a tomorrow
But don't take me away
Don't strip me of everything

Don't take all I have left

- Emily M
May 8th, 2019
This is probably my greatest fear....some of you will understand...
With blade as her plume
Her blood as her ink
Her skin as her paper
She scribbled cuts
Instead of letters
She writes a mail
Of torment and misery
Across her wrist
To those person she loved truly
But it seems the mail
Will remain unsent
For she decides to hide
And alone she bled
Jay M May 2
Acting like everything is alright
Just fake it
Take that pain
Bury it deep inside
But what happens
When someone looks?

HEAL **** IT!!

These scars just won't fade
This, I simply cannot evade
Say nothing
I fell
Don't hold me under
Don't pull me under

Let me live
Let me have this
"Normal" childhood
While I still can

Fading, yes
But gone, no
Let me grow
Let me be what there is for me

I did wrong
But spare me!

Let me live
Don't torture me
Driving me beyond insane

I am but a child
For the sake of living
Let me

Don't rip me away
From those I love
And all I know
Let me live
Let me grow

For the sake of a child
Let me stay
Let me live...

- Emily M
May 2nd, 2019
Outsider Apr 28
I wear my heart on my sleeves.
As in the cuts that bleed.
Where everyone can see that I´m damaged.
How I´m broken,
to pieces.
One can never fully recover.
As my cuts turn to scars,
my sleeves will still,
never be the same.
As the same for my heart.
It's healing
But it leaves a mark
A scar that reminds me
How weak I've become
Hide everything.
Words, Thoughts.
Feelings, Cuts.
Good thoughts are spoken.
Bad thoughts are thought.
Letters written,
Emotions bestowed.
Never show,
Never tell.
Hide my poetry,
No one needs to know how I feel.
I'm writing a small poem every day about how I feel or the world around me, This is #16
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