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Basil lee Jan 2019
if you are reading this
you are beautiful
yes, physically
but your soul
those who spend late nights
crying alone in their rooms
and wake up for school with a smile on their face
for those who want to die so badly
but still find beauty in a sunset
it may feel like this is
the end all, be all.
it is not.
you are beautiful.
not "emo"
you are golden
and worth the world
be kind to yourself
you ARE worth it
and if you don't see it
i cant begin to explain how many people do.
  Aug 2018 Basil lee
and now i dont sleep
now i see things
not clearly,
as everything near me
tinted by the color of your loss,
we pray and dream but we're lost
and even further now that you're gone

how am i supposed to see,
when sorrow hangs a shadow over me?
i know a name,
i dont forget,
i know regret,
i know the pain

and now he sleeps
with angels,
would you open up your loving arms?
keep us from all harm,
protection from the storm
and even further now that you're gone

dont be sad anymore
dont be sad anymore
god bless his tortured soul, may he find peace
Basil lee Jan 2018
It all makes sense now
The world is ending as we sit on this hill
Pretending everything is just alright
The men with guns may just end it all tomorrow
They all act like its about time
They treat their money like their heart
All covered in an ignorant green slime
They are all happy in their dark minds
They don't want to change.
Why would you want to change what makes you so fat with greed?
Basil lee May 2017
When we are close
The ground lights on fire
When we are far
The ground covers in ice
If you are too far
I freeze
if you are too close
I burn
  May 2017 Basil lee
a sweeping overload of emotion
that takes me and chains
my ankles and wrists the ground
and takes my soul from me
the emotion is spilling.
  May 2017 Basil lee
happy mothers day
to those who have brought life
to those who have cared
to those who have welcomed the actions
to those who have shielded us from the world

happy mothers day
to the person who gave me life
to the person who cared about me
to the person who welcomed my actions
to the person who hidden me from the harsh world

i love you mom
so happy mothers day to you.
i love you mom
  May 2017 Basil lee
wrapping around me like a snake
your words.
i didn't do what i had to do.
now your words
can make me slip
from my narrow perch
above the cliff of insanity
and i will fall d
to the depths      o
and to the bottom      w
to my death                     n
The stress that I have now about homework, school, family, friends. It's crushing me to oblivion. I just need a break, but my life won't allow it.  Can I disappear?
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