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mjad Aug 2
You broadcast your faith
Singing praises in your posts
But is that how it really goes?

Is faith really your focus; your motivation
For getting drunk and partying
With evangelical consistence

Is God lighting up your life
As you light up a blunt
Faith is just your innocent front

Don't let yourself believe we fall for your facade
We know what you really do
and so does God
Socialism; practicing Christianity.
Economic disparity; Capitalism.
Economic equality; Communism.
I swear to a God that does not exist
That I would never lie to you
This art is my body and my blood
Your Jesus would never have given to you

My sickness and my depth
A tomb of blackened whispers
Screams of death
Drowning lungs in a fit of smoke
My words won't rescue
They'll grab you by the throat

I care not
When angels meet their fate
to a world that loves to hate
is quite a pleasure
For a ******* to create
The Trumpoet Nov 2017
Behold the right-wing evangelicals.
A boisterous, worshipping horde.
Waving their Bibles and shouting out praise.
Personal friends with the Lord!

Have they read the Bible? Do they understand
the words and message within?
I'd have to say no, for they support Trump -
A ****** example of sin!

Does Trump follow Christ? Does he help the sick?
Does he sacrifice for the poor?
Is he on the side of the marginalized?
Does he do all he can to end war?

Does Trump preach forgiveness? Is he full of love?
Would he never cast the first stone?
Is he kind? Is he humble and gentle and wise?
His failings and sins does he own?

And yet all of these Christians who claim to be godly,
will give it all up in a flash.
To parrot Trump's hateful, divisive World view,
and shower him with praise and their cash!

On Old Testament tribalist hatred,
evangelicals strongly agree,
but to bolster their dogma, they've taken the Christ
and removed him from Christianity.

As a child, I was brought up religious,
but I soon learned it wasn't for me;
For when I see religious folks worshipping Trump,
I see nothing... but hypocrisy.
You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at:
Written: November 4, 2017

— The End —