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Brent Kincaid Mar 2018
Yes, I am angry, *******,
******* and spitting
For people who annoy me
And really deserve hitting.
I rage against people who
Never did a thing to me
I want to jail some of them
And never let them free.

I’m angry because here I am
Getting older and I’m paying
For loafers and immigrants
Do you hear what I’m saying?
Trump said it right out loud
We pay more taxes than anyone.
So we can have a lady president?
Only fools would want that done!

Women and swishy guys
And bums in the streets.
You gotta be kidding me!
Wouldn’t that be sweet?
Taking all my money so they
Don’t ever have to work.
What are they thinking?
That I’m some kind of ****?

And here I am driving in
A ten year old automobile
When some welfare mom
Is driving brand-new wheels?
And now they’ve got colored folks
And gay shows on our TV.
That sounds like communism
And socialism to me.

So, yes, I am super mad
That only the GOP cares
Dems makes up lies and create
A bunch of libtard scares.
Our country seems worse to me
For the past ten years
And is busily pulling our great
Country down around our ears.

(I wrote this because I know
By first and last names
Acquaintances and family
Who preach this kind of shame.
They get their news from outlets
That are financed by the few
That give the gripers false issues
Then they do what they're told to do.)
Alyalyna Jan 2018
I’d love to pour out all of my anger
Tell the whole world who you’ve been dating lately
Tell the whole world who you’ve been cheating on baby
In what filthy things you’ve been participating
Should I remind you I embraced you daily
And now you’re acting shady
And kind of shocking and maybe
I ******* with a wrong person
But I was
Completely into our friendship
Indeed, I loved you
You said I ruined it
I say you ruined me
I helped you out a thousand times
Now will you help me out of all this ****
Who’s now a piece of crap
Who’s now to blame
Why didn’t you tell everything?
You’re struggling now for your fame
That’s why you’re so late
With all your blames
And when your so called diva moment comes down
You’re gonna understand how much you were wrong
M Aug 2017
Honey, you're like a lemon tea,
and it taste bitterly sweet.
in every sip you make,
The more ***** intake you'll fake.
A random musing
I was made to feel small.
But I am a better
Person that you think
I will  rise above
Your canny remarks
Brent Kincaid Feb 2017
I saw a woman on the bus today
She was scowling for all she was worth.
I found it impossible not to think
She had looked that way since birth.
She was openly starting and frowning at
A young woman less than half her age
Whose manner of appearance and actions
Seemed to set the woman into a rage.

The young lady was with her friends
But she was the happiest of the lot
Yet somehow her expressions of joy in life
Seemed to make the older woman hot.
I could tells he wanted to say something,
A coarse and disapproving kind of remark.
But she appeared to prefer to keep quiet
Even though here thoughts were obviously dark.

I sat next to the older woman and asked her,
“Do you know that girl standing right there?”
She frowned and told me, “Certainly not
I’m sure that type has nothing much to share.
Surely nothing godly or proper or polite.!”
I asked her why she felt that was the truth.
“There can be nothing good to come to her.
She’s obviously a major waste of her youth.

Look how she dresses and flaunts her ***
And don’t disregard how she makes up her face.
She doesn’t care if everyone knows that she
Is an embarrassment to her folks, a disgrace.
It’s disgusting how she wiggles her ****
In front of all of these ***** men to see.
She’s a ******* in the making, it seems.
At least that’s what she looks like to me."

I had so many things I wanted to say to her
To defend a young woman I did not know
But I made an instant decision that I
Would say nothing and let the moment go.
After all, the older woman had no regard
That times and changed and passed her by.
Nothing anybody had told her in life
Had made a difference, so how could I?
Keah Jones Jun 2015
take this
barter my soul
throw it in the trash
plunge it into your next victim
get it away from me
It's all ****** up
I don't want it back

— The End —