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Glenn Currier Dec 2020
Here in the gray light of dawn
I see you, gentle and tender,
approaching us
and I am in wonder
thinking of my ignorant and obstinate species
and curious about why you keep coming back to us
you beautiful being
each morning and twilight.

My deep sleep dreams disturb
confuse and trouble my mind,
but awake here and now I find
the placid lake of your presence
and abide in your uncanny arrival.
I have been thinking about the recent alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in the twilight sky. This alignment  of the two planets and ours is called a conjunction. The last time humans saw such a close conjunction was 800 years ago. And the experience of this near approach reminds me of the awesomeness and force of the universe, yet it seems such a tender quiet moment like the arrival of dawn.
Krad Le Strange Dec 2020
To my Saturn
After years of waiting
Aimless orbiting
Kaleidoscopic space-time bending
Our paths finally converge
Admiration and excitation surge

In this great conjunction
it showed me this one great revelation –
this is the closest we would ever be,
this is the closest we could ever be
Only in this lifetime, hopefully…

Even if it is just a brief encounter
I would not trade it for another…

Until then, my dearest Saturn...

-Your Jupiter
Ken Pepiton Dec 2020
Clear California December, with no fires, fine day
Tangerine to deep purple

first sliver of the moon, and
pirouetting in the distance
what star is this...
Giant Jupiter and golden,
ringed Saturn are now nearing their December 21 great conjunction. They will be a dazzling and exceedingly rare sight near the young moon in our evening sky. Don't miss them!
just noticed.
afteryourimbaud Nov 2017
I am just too young

I don't possess an iron lung

I am definitely where your heart has sunk.
voyager Jul 2017
A list of my problems
Sung like an anthem
Your the least to my miseries
Like the fine black berries or red cherries
Succulent and mouth watering
The tales to my secret survivor
Your kind and good behavior
Outnumbered your hypocrisy
By all my strengths still would stretch
All you wanted was to fetch, and leave me for clutches
Those crocodile tears are the least, least to my problems
It’s too late for the reconciliation
Just like you left a ‘fool ‘for humiliation
I was the least to your excuses and my downfalls,
Overshadowing the good deeds, take heed
You're the least to my rise and anxieties, the least to my problems
voyager Jul 2017
Penitentiary filled with blacks
Crooks on cracks
Pills,needles taped with ducts
Life on smack
Blood shot eyes running nose and popping eyes
Cracking lips with oozing blood and saliva
The levitation is concise
But my terms long to cease

A fallacious adrenaline running through my veins
Dragging my pale heart to fuse
Forever taunting my sanity
Enticing into sober of things

The fade of my chastity
Caged my conscience from creativity
Confined in a penitentiary ****** ward
Under guard blabbering alien words
Drugged from hostility for my feeble mobility

Beyond the walls laid hope
Only if my term cease or hop
And my savager enveloped and mailed away
Degenerating the ethical morals
A stitch in time could have saved nine
positrxnicbrain Sep 2015
Watching from beyond, writing their little notes.
Look behind the brainstem and see the past perfect present tense.
You thought about it and I heard it. We grabbed the thoughts.
New bones and muscle.
All the different ones, all the same thoughts pulsing, like brain radar bounding back.
They're of me. they're in me.
But he is not.
The serpent retains it's form but it stays inside. It blinds my dreams.
No escape, let craving; an eternal void.
As it all becomes one form and function. We join. We are the new being, hideous and beautiful.
I think he has taken my soul. I probably wasn't using it anyway.
I am his disguise.

— The End —