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You were supposed to be a distant starflower
Living in a different world yonder
Far more unreachable than I could ever wonder…
And I was only supposed to be your faraway observer

You were never supposed to wander off my universe
And I never really thought we could ever converse
Longing and yearning for you seemed like a lost cause –
Who would have thought our paths would ever cross?
Inspired by The Half of It movie
I could write you—
a bunch of phrases that rhymes
any homonyms would probably turn out just fine
generic metaphors would also do
you might even be swayed by clichéd lines too

But my poetry isn't black and white
besides, none of these felt right—
you deserve well-thought-out verses
but for now, all I have are these random sketches
Krad Le Strange Oct 2019
Minsan pakiramdam ko nga
na tila ba nilubayan na ako ng mga salita...
Parang nilisan na ako ng mga tala at tula
Wala na ang dating saya sa bawat katha
Hindi na muling makagawa ang dating makata
Krad Le Strange Aug 2019
In order to forget
Forward, I've tried to leapt
but to our past, I've always been swept —
reminiscing the places we've formerly been in

Took a few steps to the right
but my heart has been putting a tough fight
wandering quite constantly
and leading me back to where you've left me

All these efforts are somewhat in vain
for no matter how hard I try to change lanes
I think I am almost always bound
To come back to this very same ground
Krad Le Strange Jul 2019
From where I live
It is almost always cold and dark
Heck, even I needed to borrow my own light
The nearest friend I have is several light-years away
Everything just passes by; no one even dared to stay…

That is why, when I had you back then, subsistent –
Someone who was constant and consistent,
Someone who looked at me with so much admiration
More than you did with any other planet or constellation
It made me feel like I am more than just an orbiting satellite
You made me feel like I am the center of your night

Staring at each other, staring together
The sky and stars are surrounding observers
of our cosmic connection when we did had it better…
up until that very last night,  
when you chose to end it with your selfish letter…

and now, I am  left in the same vastness where I’ve always been
plagued with more and more questions, I still kept wondering…
What did I ever do to make you stop?
And what can I possibly do to urge you again to look up?
Krad Le Strange Jul 2019
Regardless of whatever height we reach
The fall is almost always inevitable...

and yet, we still continue to take our chances
We just tighten our very grips,
Shut our doubting eyes,
hold our labored breath,
and just savor the free fall
Krad Le Strange Apr 2019
Can you tell me
where I can find these safe spaces
where vulnerability can be cradled
where disgust and disbelief are unheard of
where unconditional positive regard is the credo

Can you tell me
where I can find these safe spaces
for I have looked at different places
did not find these on half-deserted streets
nor in our family car's window seat
not in the company of old friends
who know nothing but to condescend

Can you tell me
where I can find these safe spaces
I've been stuck in the same old mazes
So, can you riddle me these
and help me find these safe spaces
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