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Beware of falsehoods
That's what the cards told me
Now the curtain is rising
And it's not pretty to see

The bridges are long gone
But the evil still breeds
What's going to happen to us and me?

Where is our Shepherd
When we need him dear?
Isn't there much more to life
Than just blood and tears?

A hot steel rhino
Drowns a city in its screams
What's going to happen to them and me?

The accursed notebook
Earns its stars and stripes
The eagle is grounded
While the magpies take flight

A young grim reaper
Brings his scythe to a sheen
What's going to happen to him and me?

Here lies Jonny Boy
And his fall from grace
All his strings are breaking
And he realizes too late

Forgive me Claudine
For the bitterness I keep
What's going to happen to you and me?

Brains are frying
And hearts are spilled
The more we hurt now
The longer it takes to heal

Have I still a long way
Before I lay down and sleep?
What's going to happen to all and me?

Where are you now, dear Shepherd?
Can you hear me?
Can we save ourselves?
In response to today's bad news including the devastating Westminster Bridge Assault. I've been at my wit's end with everything that's happened in just one day...

Woe for England and the world indeed!
ekelhaft Jun 2016
Don't fret if heaven has her now.
Don't be saddened that she isn't around anymore.
Instead, be happy she's in a better place;
Won't she like seeing you sad?

It's true that life may be a cruel thief,
Stealing everything and everyone we love,
But none in this is world is ever so perfect;
We all will feel that way one day.

They'd say Hell's empty,
Since all of the demons are roaming around.
It's true, indeed;
Yet for a reason, it is so.

Never be rash to those with blackened hearts,
Never be rash to life that caused you to suffer,
Never be rash to doubt the faith you hold on to;
Everything happens for a reason.

Think of it this way:
She has fulfilled her duties,
She has fought valiantly for every second of her time;
She, has been a warrior.

Chastise me for not feeling this way before,
I simply speak what my mind and heart shouts.
I may be from the other side of the world;
**But I'm still just a person comforting another.
My condolences. I may not know you, but I do hope you could read this, Brian McKay.
Maria Etre Nov 2015
I saw a clear black line
the other day
It was as grim as their pale faces
their blank expressions
reflected the missing person
the one whose story as met its end

I stood there across from their tears
and wondered, to what caliber of sympathy
does my heart ally with theirs

Their shoes were too black to fit
their faces where too apathetic to confront

It was black in all sense of the color
it was grim, even nature felt the emptiness
I stood there, I noticed
that humans and their emotions
are as distinguished
as their features

Sympathy is just a term
coined to soothe to comfort
but never truly felt
for my heart
never be like yours
yours like
Jade Mar 2014
People screaming, can't see it coming,
People  questioning, Theories explaining,
Tears streaming, hearts breaking,
Memories are singing, dancing,
Hopes sinking, Prayers shining

The Indian Ocean let them in,
Drowning the souls, into a depth that the world couldn't imagine,
To a whole new life they begin,
This is something that the world had never seen
#RIPMH370 my condolences to the family of passengers on board Flight MH370

— The End —