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xavier thomas Feb 2022
the attitude upon on your face
intense pressure coming my way
lowkey, feeling it too

my heart, I know you want it
battling me on this court for it
trying to get me to see your point of view

maybe it’s the drive
maybe it’s the ambition
burning desire you showcasing within you

this is overwhelming
I see your affection
play against me, show what you can do

we should
compete a little
play a little
bet who wins against who
if you
score a little
defend a little
and win, my heart will belong to you
come play me
xavier thomas Jan 2021
Cut off more sins, I divorced it
Had to change courses, paint a better portrait
Devil was handing out distortions
Tried to control me with his poison
God bless me with his endorsements
+ added wings as an extra bonus
Got caught up in the world & my flesh having an entanglement
But now, nothing can touch me when I’m in my element
Devil tried to make me feel guilty
Bringing up my past so I feel personal pity
Taking form so he can trick me
Shifty messy, petty, & he filthy
Thought he had me, that snake slippery
He wants me so bad, he really miss me
Fighting my battles, spiritually I been busy
I’m winning this war, I’m winning this victory
Story told by my best friend

— The End —