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Christina Maria Mar 2019
My mind is a scary place
Sometimes I get dragged down into the abyss
There are unimaginable terrors
Creatures I've created
The only way to get out is to fight them off

Sword in hand, I slay these created creatures
In a suit full of self loved armor
I beat them, alone, unafraid
I rise again

Alex Sidebottom Jan 2019
You had my heart in your hands
You told me that I was yours
Playing with my emotional strands
But you did things behind closed doors

I stood and watched as you played me
Wishing each day that I could break free
You woke each day and said I love you
But you had a feeling that I knew

I asked you if you where a cheat
You said to me that I was wrong
But I knew for a fact you weren't so sweet
You called me back knowing my love was strong

I wish I'd just left and gone
But I came back and you said it wouldn't happen again
But you played me again like a pawn
And now you've left me feeling slain

— The End —