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I remember on shattered ashes
And the frigidity of the musky noon
Rumbling gently on our scale-like frame

Whilst the lonely light evanesced in the dark alley
For the ***** of truth it proclaimed
Alike Elymas, bitter cecity we had stroked

No tinge of light could be sensed
To ken the changes of good and evil
Evil and evil sprouted
Resonating for all to embrace.
The poem evinces the failure of a group of people to proclaim the truth. The poet tells us about how they enjoyed the past moments while the present and the future represents the reverse. They allowed fear to becloud their sense of proper reasoning and judgement thereby making their abode the chagrin of the alliens.
maria Aug 21
Why did you have to make me hate myself for loving you?

Why do I have to live with the memories of you when all I want to do is forget?

Why did you have to destroy all I ever thought of you?

Why did you make me lose every hope in love?
Sometimes it's not the break up that destroys you but it's everything after that. Sometimes you don't know a person if you've never been in a difficult situation. And when you see the distance and cruelty you're just disappointed.

Written on August 21, 2019
Spring girl eyes around,
To the winter *****’s chagrin;
Each turn brings heartburn!
Bijan Nowain Mar 2015
I saw her from a distance
observing quietly
unassuming and innocent.
Not a sound or
even a verbal cue.
A shadow amongst others
fading in the background
quiet and still.
All seeing, all knowing,
yet not seen or known.
She savored solitude, seclusion.
Gazing over, eyes lock.
A prompt stare at her feet.
Slyly, strategically, stealthily,
I make my move
through the mass,
an over populated room
of senseless chatter.
Drawing nearer to the
lovely, lone, lady leaning
against the brick wall,
the ways finally part.
Much to my chagrin,
she’s vanished without
even a faint whisper.
Until we meet again.

— The End —