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torrid offerings
tumultuous lovers deny
spurious natures
love alluring, elusive, fleeting illusion?
conjuring of words
magicking incantation
let fly in the world
why do I emote
by my pretty little cuts
give me mindful tears
I am the liar that catfished hope
Stole from a random heart that couldn’t cope
Love leaps, faith jumps, joy follows
Suicide upon the maddened rocks below
Retitled for competition. Take stanza from existing poem and re-image/stand alone.
we shared a toothbrush
tears on my pillow
flying solo now
I eat every word
suspended, transfixed by you
I’m losing myself
For who do you wait?
My father, who knows of me
But who I don’t know yet
Who are you to him
I am his beloved
One of many grasshoppers
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