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Mel Gadd Apr 2021
The first time we held hands
I got butterflies in my stomach
The first time we kissed
I was soaring
But we hid our love
And then you moved away
And now that I've found you again
You've thrown me away
Mel Gadd Apr 2021
she told me that the ocean
had been calling out their name
when the tide went off each morning
he longed to do the same
the waves tugged at their ankles
as they pooled around her feet
whispering of wonders
they they were yet to meet
but every time i asked her
if she knew why
she simply said this said this arid world
had turned their deep heart dry
there was just one way he knew of
to let go of the pain
and it was fourteen thousand feet
below the deep and stormy sea
i hope she found what she was looking for
for they slipped from our hands one day
and never left a body for us to lay.
Mel Gadd Apr 2021
"i feel."
I try to say.
two words,
yet so hard to say.
but easy to mean
"im sorry"
they say.
so easy to say
yet they hardly ever mean it.

why is it so hard for people to mean what they say, and say what they mean?
im done with the lies.
Mel Gadd Apr 2021
i dream of you,
do you dream of me?
i've never met you,
but I've known you my whole life.
i've never seen your face,
yet I know every detail.
so when i think of you,
are you thinking of me?
i keep having dreams, thoughts, and flashbacks of memories of someone other than me. There are two people who I have dreamed about since I could remember. i never thought much of it, until I started experiencing flashbacks of memories that are not mine for one of the people, and the other one i saw in a video on tiktok. is this just me? does this happen to anyone else? if so, comment on your experience(s). i don't want to feel alone on this anymore.
Mel Gadd Apr 2021
his words are bridges
that leads you over the sea
his words are fingers that whisper;
come to me, come to me.

but my bridges lead no one,
arrive nowhere.
lost at sea,
and swallowed up by the breeze.

my words mean nothing.
How could they?
when all that I am
are as noticeable as stars during the day.
Mel Gadd Mar 2021
her lips are soft,
soft as the breeze.
his lips are kind,
they would only kindly tease.
together they make two lips,
yet they would only freeze.
but she found a girl,
beautiful and sweet,
and he found a boy,
who said he'd never leave.
together they make two lips
and they will never freeze.
for now they are free,
as leaves leaving the tree.
Mel Gadd Mar 2021
my trust in you
fell faster
than leaves off a tree
you hypocrite
you *******
I cannot believe you
you've done it again
you've taken my trust
and gave it a spin
and now its broken
because of you
telling me this
but then doing that
when will this cycle end?
i just wish I could depend on you
the way your child
should be able to
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