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Lieke Jan 26
I can't stop
Accelerating my the second
Salty tears are flooding my eyes
Air stuffing my windpipe
Each breath is spiralling upwards

I feel it all at once
Years of hungry pain rushing into me
The sorrow is starving for my cries
So it pulls and twists and stabs

My voice is muted
Death is craving me more and more
Longing to meet again
To bleed me dry
And drain me away
21 November, 2018
Jayce Dec 2017
For years, I didn’t understand why my brain deprived me of stability
I hid the cracks in my mental with glue

Now it seems the glue has aged and I’m struggling to hold it together
And you tell me that I’m getting sadness all over the carpet

I’m sorry
I’ll try and be suicidal more quietly
axr Nov 2015
She's a beauty
I am her breakdowns.
She smiles,
I turn it upside down.
I am a force that can't be taken down.
Yes,I lied.She cries
Broken necklaces and rusted rings.
I tell her we'll be all right.
Broken, yet she sings.
She's a beauty.
I am her breakdowns.
When the world's screams,
I will drown the sounds.
wraiths Aug 2015
you're full of thorns and watered down alcohol,
flavorless chapstick and caffeinated poetry,
but you're the most beautiful piece of art i've ever laid my eyes on.

your personality washes over your face and it paints me a lovely picture -
one overflowing with second chances and the desire to change.
it speaks with long car rides and 2am breakdowns and
never being satisfied with that one **** guitar riff
no matter how many times you rewrite it.

grease pencil and acrylics stain my palms,
but i can't even reach the canvas that is you.
there's a reason you're a masterpiece.

[you're untouchable, for better or for worse.]
Kay La Jun 2014
how many drugs,
or bruises
or breakdowns
or anxiety attacks
or sighs
or fake smiles
or silence
it will take
until someone,
a n y o n e
realizes that I,
need saving.

— The End —