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psyche Sep 23
That tightness in your chest,
the heavy weight that resides there
Is it because you're sick?
desperately gasping for air

Or are you being condemned?
declared as guilty
The plaint you carry
no stranger would it be
psyche Jul 3
I have told you, and I told you truly that I love you too much. You engross my thoughts too intirely to allow me to think of any thing else—you not only employ my mind all day; but you intrude upon my sleep. I meet you in every dream—and when I wake I cannot close my eyes again for ruminating on your sweetness. ‘Tis a pretty story indeed that I am to be thus monopolized, by a little nut-brown maid like you—and from a statesman and a soldier metamorphosed into a puny lover. I believe in my soul you are an inchantress; but I have tried in vain, if not to break, at least, to weaken the charm—you maintain your empire in spite of all my efforts—and after every new one, I make to withdraw myself from my allegiance my partial heart still returns and clings to you with increased attachment. To drop figure my lovely girl you become dearer to me every moment. I am more and more unhappy and impatient under the hard necessity that keeps me from you, and yet the prospect lengthens as I advance.
  Jun 25 psyche
Birthed me,
nursed me,
trained me,
And most of all you loved me

to the womb that became my home for 9 months,
to the arms that never grew weary for years,
to the chest that turned my pillow for decade,
to the back that forever bended for me to find a comfort place of sleep,
and to the lap I'll never outgrow for,
I raise my fist up there in the sky to say,
Thank you
psyche Mar 2019
i believe that i'll be ok
i believe that it was never true
i believe in whatever you say
i believe this is just a phase
but "i believe" is just a phrase
its putting faith in something as true
but what you believe in is different from what others put faith in...

as true

If you believe that you're human does it make it true?
If you believe The Creation does it make it true?
If you believe in God, is He then true to you?

if not then what is true?
what is false?
what is left that is real in this ******* world?

i believe that i'll be ok
i believe that it was never true
i believe in whatever you say
i believe this is just a phase

will you really be ok?
was it never really true?
is what you say true?

am i a phase?
is everyone just a phase?
is the image of the world we perceive a phase?

something that won't last long?
something that's just an illusion?

out of all the questions i ask, do you believe in your answer?
or is it just a phase.
y'all i rlly dont understand myself anymore

good thing u arent required to understand poetry
u're just supposed to feel it
to be moved, even touched by it

psyche Oct 2018
oo ako'y nalulungkot sa aking sarili
sa mga salitang hindi ko hindi sinasadya
kung ipinaramdam ko sayo na 'andito lang ako pero wala naman pala
pasensiya, kung wala akong susunod na taludtod sa ating istorya

istoryang kathang isip
na huli kong nakita sa aking panaginip
dahil nagising ako sa katotohanan
na  ̶t̶a̶y̶o̶  ikaw at ako ay  naandito na sa dulo ng ating walang hanggan
kung saan ang puso'y wala ng nararamdaman
at natapos na ang magpakailanman
a homage to December Avenue and Moira Dela Torre
posted this poem before the song got big, im happy that it trended when the song got popular :))
psyche Mar 2018
hello. it all started with a simple hello.
who would have thought that this would lead to something more
i wouldn't say i fell for you but instead you tripped me, pretending that you were going to catch me...
But oh so stupid of me, oh so so stupid of me.
why didnt i bother to get up? why didn't i realize that it would be too much?
memories of you and I come rushing to me every night and it pains me every time.
what you see with your eyes isn't always the truth. how much more do i need to see the truth that you can't see with your eyes?
we were once happy, happily together... sure, we fight time to time but what's a relationship without some fights?
Though this was all in the past, something you've probably forgotten. but me? I remember every single thing...
“the past is in the past”
yeah right.
that's what they always say
but just because something is in the past doesn't mean it'll go away
it's already there and it'll always be there
it's like being stuck in another world...
a dark, empty void where all you do is run..
run,  run, run,  run...  a monster chasing me but the thing is, that monster is you... so don't try to pull me up from this hole i've made..  there's no escape and i know that i can't climb up 'cause i won't be able to and you can't....
an endless labyrinth i cough up spiders
an upside down, where in everything contradicts
stay away! Don’t go!

let’s start with saying goodbye
goodbye to all the time we shared together, all our greetings, all the smiles that we shared together, a few moments with each other when we were just clueless children, a couple of oblivious kids.
Goodbye to all the stupid jokes, all the how are you’s, even if I’m the only one who seems to truly care.
Goodbye to all the waiting, the endless arguments that don’t make sense, and all the other senseless situation where we fought.
So forgive me love, for all the names that I and you only understand, the words that I want to throw with my hand, a few seconds, staring into each other’s eyes, we had.
All the memories I can’t forget, memories that you left, when you left me! Forgive me if it’s already annoying, if it just repeats over and over until it cannot be repeated.
Forgive me if I am or I am not the one you want, if I ask for things you cannot give, if I ever thought that “hey, you’ll stay” but I guess I was wrong.
I know, that there was a time, a moment, when I was yours and you were mine but not anymore! because you don’t want to and that’s why I shouldn’t anymore.
Even if you want to hear but can’t be heard, even if you understand but can’t be understood, even if you forgive…… but can’t forget because you don’t want to and I shouldn’t anymore.
You don’t want to because there’s someone else, I’m sorry if I’m a mess, I’m sorry if this is taking so long. So please, forgive me, goodbye, let’s just say goodbye!
Goodbye to staying away and sorry for staying close. Goodbye to all the joy and sorry for all the pain. Love, I don’t want to end by asking for forgiveness but forgive me!
So I can set you free you must first let go! , because I can’t do it anymore.
Goodbye because I can’t do it anymore but love! ..... Wait! No, not love because you don’t love me and I shouldn’t anymore.
So let’s erase every single thing erase why should I say goodbye when you already left erase
im not the kind of girl who asks for forgiveness erase im not asking for forgiveness from you erase I don’t love you, I never loved you erase I don’t care if you still want to or if you don’t! I don’t care if you’re hurting, that I’m not worried! erase I don’t love you I never did I just wanted you!
Loving you is right too bad I’m always wrong so yes! Let’s write it once more!
Love, when I looked for you he came, and I thought he was the one, that! Was the biggest mistake that I did, was to look for you.
I don’t not love him because he doesn’t love me but because I looked for him, because I know you’ll come, I know you’ll come because I asked for you until now I still yearn for you.
So if you decided to come find me, the right person in the right time, so I would know that it's you. Find me and love me in a way that we both know.
A love that’ll never be wrong ever again.
this is a spoken word...that's why its so loooooooooooong

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