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Man Dec 2020
the bolt is stripped
worn from years of tightening
and the washer is worse
barely keeping them from contact
though we say we can stomach it
guts can only carry so far
where we've little else
throughout the years
my heart has been bashed and broken
shattered and torn
dismantled and crushed
but i kept it together with nails and screws

then he came along
and slowly tore them out
one by one
until he was the only thing holding me together

he mended my broken heart
and i no longer need nails and screws to hold me together
he saved my broken heart
Maple Mathers May 2016
tell me
"The ****** went full on ******!" - Vinny's jealous Ex Girlfriend  desperately needing a DSM
Fucking tired Sep 2015
**** love
**** life
**** friends
**** happy
**** sunshine and daisies
**** people
**** poetry
**** caring
**** trying
it all just screws you over in the end
**** it all

— The End —