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Your Birthday has passed and I haven’t heard from you
I wonder what you do
For these hundred thoughts of mine
I kept on going back to our happy time

I missed you is not even enough to describe
A part of myself that is locked up somewhere and hidden
The person I am that is happy and blissful
I only get to meet that part of me when I’m with you

Why I did locked up that part of myself on that closet?

I guess its because our relationship is on Quarantine.
#quarantine #covid19 #virus #love
Kichiya Hayashi Oct 2019
I wanted to be the person that will look good with you
but its not working out the way I wanted to
No matter how deep my love feels in my heart
The more I realize we’re living in two worlds apart
Kichiya Hayashi Oct 2019
You told me a few times that your hands are tied
I realized that its not tied
Your hands is full
Full of responsibilities,
full of pressure,
love from the people you love and have room for
Your life is so full
Your hands is so full
That you don’t have the time
to empty your hand...

to grab mine
Kichiya Hayashi Sep 2019
The moment of sunsets that takes me away
as you lean your head on my shoulder
And the tangerine light glazed on your face
isn’t this a perfect Summer?

I couldn’t ask for more when I’m with you
Just grab my hand
I’ll go wherever leads me to you
I am better with you and
you’re better with me
Like wine and cheese oh so lovely
Kichiya Hayashi Sep 2019
there are people who keep what they feel
they still smile even though it hurts
they pretend to be fine even if they're not
they cry alone
they seem to be strong even inside they are dying

how did i know?

cause somestimes..

I'm one of them
Kichiya Hayashi Aug 2019
Though he guards his heart
Built in blocks of stiffness
Yet his eyes sparkles when he smiles

Passionate indeed...
He glows here and there
As he talked about oddly written unsolved murders from the books randomly picked up at the bookshop

Such a mystery...
To find a man so deeply, completely and absolutely doesn’t care how he looks wearing my Hobbes doing Machiavelli shirt on when we went to a charity event and still managed to wear his charm and wit naturally

I’m starting to feel those tiny thunders in my veins
I must be under his spell

Chivalry is dead; He proved otherwise
A gentleman in his very own ways, culpable timing
But I don’t want to think about you that much Mr. Prosecutor
Yet here I am dreaming about you and at the same time, terrified

A good terrified like I would run and jump off the cliff knowing I won’t die
It inspires me to be me, to reach my grandeur

A little bit more scared
wishing and waiting that righteous time will come and pleads the Gods to succumb me, that one ethereal moment
The sun is my witness
Calmest wind swirling altogether with falling leaves

And then there’s you..
Your suit and tie savagely fits every inch of you
I ran out of words
Should I just give you a kiss?
Kichiya Hayashi Aug 2019
I like too many things and get all confused and hung-up running from one falling star to another till I drop.
This is the night, what it does to you.
I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.
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