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ky Feb 2016
When you're all alone
and you feel you've lost your way
just know that I'm here
and I'll always stay

Even in tough times
we'll make it through
don't listen to what they say
it's not true

I know it's hard
to stay alive and put up a good fight
although deep in your heart
you know nothing's right

but keep going strong
it's gonna pay off someday
and thank all your haters
then keep going your way
This is what a best friend is for. They help you get through tough times and I love all my friends.
IsReaL E Summers Nov 2015
"Hear da children crying!
Give thanks and praise to the Lord..."
I don't feel alright.
Not tonight...
When the moon is
ILLUMINATING                                                i
Quotations from Bob Marley.
Moonlight tea just you and me;
What's right?
Lastuxedo Sep 2015
I talk to you as I talk to myself
but the words find their way back to me
a friend beyond romance, and drama
the perfect stimulation for mentally
disposing of the clutter in my mind
telling jokes that were never funny
selling secrets that were easy guesses
showing the neater sides to my messes
and as these pathetic burdens lessen
to reveal that I wish I were as much to you
and then you tell me on a rainy afternoon
that I give you peace
which for everything that is the least
I could do.
I think you taught me what love is.
So thank you
I miss you.
~sigh~ My best friend lives so far away.

— The End —