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...seeing purse dressed, flowery-folds,
knows the pleasure, -heaven holds.

Standing proud, -cocksure his breast,
exhausted her, laugh-ter, -nothing left.

Weakly submissive, exhilarated now pressed,
emboldened by she, guardedly bereft...

No strawberry, cakes, honey, grape,
you know what's coming;
See me
as a conquest
an obsession,
your possession.
Collect me

Whisk me
away with fanciful vagaries
be abounding to
lift me to new worlds.
Excite me

Call me
late at night
when you are alone,
beguile me with passion.
Want me

take me
Obligor: One who bonds, a person who issues a bond to another.
Chris Neilson Jul 2016
Attended a dinner party with poets departed
secured a place in a fantasy scenario self created
Dylan Thomas did not go gently to the event
discussion with Yeats was heaven sent

Conversation with Shakespeare was ***** and lewd
even brawling Brendan Behan found him crude
Wordsworth wandered in as lonely as a lakeside cloud
faced with his eloquence before me I bowed

John Cooper Clarke's showing brought mouths open wide
Jim Morrison spoke, "You've broken on through to the other side!"
The Salford Bard looked dead so they let him in
as refusing him entry a gratuitous grave sin

Heaney was asked for his views on Brexit
a number was taken for dear Seamus to text it
"Here come some women poets?", exclaimed Sylvia Plath
as Browning, Dickinson and Rossetti walked up a path

When I shuffle off this mortal coil
with relics scattered in suitable soil
eternal musing with all the above
would bring evermore everlasting love

She was one cool chick.
Dressed -  très chic.

She curved in all the right
places - if ya get my drift.

Her name was Miss Dumpty.

Claimed her father Humpty
had been pushed - taken the fall

for some Mr. Big and
got his.

I remembered the case.

His smile was cracked...yoke all over
his face..legs scrambled at an unnatural angle.

The autopsy pics
made me sick.

Said she had gone to Sam *****
to dig up dirt.

But no dice.
Sam's paid..he's off the case.

She spat the name out
with a thanks-for-nothing look.

"So. I came to you.
See what you can do!"

"What's in it for me!"
I smirked.

"Me!" she clucked
in a Linda Darnellish way.

Turned out it was
Little Boy...would ya believe it...Blue!

Jealous of Humpty's
easy said-ness and how he

got recited more often than
Mr. B. Blue.

Nursery Crime is increasing
so they tells me.

Too many modern authors
making ***** parodies..

Or in the *****
Limericks Business.

Scaring the kiddies away.
Putting the frighteners on parents.

Me and Miss Dumpty?

We're going for the big happy
ever after!
Johnny Noiπ Aug 20
Igor was torn  between casting
         the body of a girl
         or young woman,
         that was merely sexually attractive -
or whether to employ a procession
of young nubiles as       secretaries;
now that Natalia had thrown him over for Ivan,
he needed  a girl or young woman
who was sexually mature;
      possibly even suitable for marriage;
     sexually mature; sexually attractive,
desirable, ****, luscious; marriageable;
                  informally, beddable:
Ivan constantly surrounded himself
w/ a posse of nubile young women,
to forget,      that's what Eli needed to do;

mid 17th century: from the Latin nubilis
‘marriageable,’ from nubere,
                      to cover or veil
      oneself for a bridegroom;
     from the nubes  the ‘puffy cloud-like nips’
                     of a child bride;
                           photos of coeds of the
                                   fifties & those of
| ***-trafficked nubiles
           from last week; |
       glamour isn't glamorous;
as GMO skanks get injected
w/ female growth  hormones
                                    just in case they
                               decide to
        to be mothers someday
        slightly indecent or liable
to shock, especially by being sexually
suggestive; "risqué humor"  ribald,
rude, *****, Rabelaisian, *****, ****,
earthy, indecent, suggestive,
improper, naughty,   locker-room;
******, *****, ******, crude, adult,
coarse, obscene, lewd, *******;
blue, raunchy;             off-color
"risqué stories": mid 19th century: French,
                past participle of risquer ‘to risk’

— The End —