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Jenny Ochoa Jul 16
We're having a little Boy, A little prince all dressed in blue...
He started as a little bean, and into a baby boy in the womb he grew...

We're having a little boy, A little prince you see...
An elephant themed nursery, and the walls the color of the sea...

We're having a little boy, A little prince we overly love....
Baby clothes, baby toys, and lots of baby hugs...

Were having a little boy, A little prince our shining star...
We cant wait to have you and to hold you; December seems to be oh so very far...
We finally found out the gender of our baby after 5 long months!!
A little prince we can hardly wait to hold<3
Cernnunos907 Mar 2019
The day I found out about you I was terrified. How was I exposed to be a mom?
The day I saw your heart beat I was terrified. How could something so small change your whole life?
The day I felt you move inside me I was terrified. How can one little flutter of movement make me doubt everything I’ve ever known?
But those fears ment nothing compared to the day I felt the pain.
23weeks 4 days
That’s how long I thought I felt fear.
The day you came into the world was the day I felt real fear.
How can the pain I felt mean absolutely nothing as long as you took your first breath?
How is it I couldn’t keep you inside me where you belonged a little while longer?
How come I never got to hear the voice of the one person who changed my whole world?
How is it fair that I watched you die when I would have given my soul to make you live?
How do I go on without you in my life?
How do I breath without you when you can’t take a breath again?
How do I live now when I feel nothing because you were my everything?
You taught me what true terror feels like.
Chezka Sep 2018
It's 12 o'clock midnight,
As you're embracing your pillow tight,
Here am I feeling so delight,
Delighted to our love that ignite.

As I am waiting for the eclipse,
I wish I was there to kiss your lips,
I wish we're together to watch clips,
As we eat our prepared chips.

Alone in an empty room,
Hoping you'll appear like a mushroom,
It's so dark, I can't see a light,
Yet a picture of your smile stucks in my mind.

Seven months had passed,
There's one thing to God I always ask,
What did I do to have you?
Why am I so blessed to have you?
Hope this made you smile, V.
NRIKO Dec 2017
when the sun fears enough to cower over
the moon with its knees and
is kissing the tender
glass of the mirror
that reflects one side,

neptune weeps like a baby
birthed from a place unknown
yet needy all the same.

with that,
my eyes are forced open
my hands to take its waist,
its apple that was once
part of a tree.

heat sears me like stigma
yet this is different:

a paradox that speaks
not in tongues of abuse
or nationalism of one's mind.

this new sensation
is accompanied by
a high-pitched falsetto
as if feeling every paper cut
**** into his mind,
his flesh of lost innocence.

then, when reaching out
to touch this "him",
this hymn i've found,
his skeletal oblivion makes itself known.

- eozyoh. 8.12.2017. 12:42 am
Tara Marie Oct 2016
Piles of papers glaring at me.
Signed, stamped, copied, for time and a fee.
Words and no promises, on the bark of a tree.
While you're somewhere else rapidly growing.

Days pass, we punch clocks, adding the time.
As the papers, they sit in the back of my mind.
She thinks wanting to see you is none but a crime.
While you're somewhere else distantly dreaming.

All the jabber and frenzy of what's wrong and right,
While no one observes our rigorous plight,
The lack of your presence haunts him at night.
While you're somewhere else sharing your laughter.

Your room is filled with your toys and your smiles,
Waiting for you to play in it awhile.
Waging war with the enemy goes on for miles.
While you're somewhere else slowly forgetting.

To say sadness is present does not quite explain.
All the stress, anger, longing inside of his brain.
Constantly trying to distract from the pain.
While you're with those who want to restrain you.

I believe there is good in the hearts of the wise,
Yet, some will use pawns to harvest the lies.
While the ones they need dearly are hung out to dry.
While you're somewhere else coloring pictures.

In the end, we will see you again and again.
No matter how many papers or strokes of a pen.
We love you, bubba, and we WON'T give in.
Cause you're somewhere else, incomplete.
Renmar Sep 2014
Sitting here watching you
Wondering if your dreams are
Knowing you'll always be mommies
**baby boy

— The End —