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Darlene Chavez Jan 2018
I lost a friend yesterday to suicide.
He drove through a telephone poll.
This is for you Jake.

I've never felt so lost or so broken
I can't even think of words to write a poem
My heart goes out to all of his family and friends
Who knows if the pain ever ends
I wish he was here
Why did he have to disappear?
We love you Jake L.
Michelle Yao Dec 2017
Your smile, your laugh
I miss a lot,
But now that you are gone,
I can never have another chance

When you lay there,
I knew,
I knew, it's too late,
I knew, you'll have to.

For us, who loved you,
We won't forget,
Every little detail of you
For us long as we live.

You left so sudden,
That struck each one,
We miss you,
But I knew.

You never left,
Because we miss you.
Memories of you in our heart,
Still lives to the day we meet.
Tara Marie Oct 2016
Piles of papers glaring at me.
Signed, stamped, copied, for time and a fee.
Words and no promises, on the bark of a tree.
While you're somewhere else rapidly growing.

Days pass, we punch clocks, adding the time.
As the papers, they sit in the back of my mind.
She thinks wanting to see you is none but a crime.
While you're somewhere else distantly dreaming.

All the jabber and frenzy of what's wrong and right,
While no one observes our rigorous plight,
The lack of your presence haunts him at night.
While you're somewhere else sharing your laughter.

Your room is filled with your toys and your smiles,
Waiting for you to play in it awhile.
Waging war with the enemy goes on for miles.
While you're somewhere else slowly forgetting.

To say sadness is present does not quite explain.
All the stress, anger, longing inside of his brain.
Constantly trying to distract from the pain.
While you're with those who want to restrain you.

I believe there is good in the hearts of the wise,
Yet, some will use pawns to harvest the lies.
While the ones they need dearly are hung out to dry.
While you're somewhere else coloring pictures.

In the end, we will see you again and again.
No matter how many papers or strokes of a pen.
We love you, bubba, and we WON'T give in.
Cause you're somewhere else, incomplete.

— The End —