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You say you just want me to me happy
So I am
But then I'm told that I'm too happy
That I must be faking it
So I'm sad
And I show it
But then I'm told that I'm too sad
That I must want attention
But I don't want that
I want the opposite
I wish somebody would get that
Inspired by a friend who is told this daily. She puts on a smile because she doesn't want to appear weak and fragile, but then is told that she seems fake. I love her so much though and I wish she wasn't out under all this pressure.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Different streets

The world is full of angry people;
Why can’t we all just live in peace?
Everywhere you go, you see the same old behaviour;
Different faces on different streets.

But still the same old negative creeps,
Creeping up on me.
Just leave me be and you will hear nothing of me;
Different people on different streets.

Still they want to fight, so they stomp their feet,
They wave their fist, they scream and yell.  Where is the empathy?
Think only of yourself!  Who raised these kids?
No-one it seems, for they cause nothing but grief.

They want to fight, because they are never right;
They are a war on polite society; the follower at night.
All I offer is peace, love and empathy;
All they give in return is misery.

So pity me as I walk along the same old streets,
Seeing the same angry faces, hearing the same old voice of defeat.
I wish these horrible people were seeking peace, just like me;
But they are different people on different streets.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
AnActualToaster Jul 2015
Ya know...
If you would open up your eyes
And shut your God ****** mouth
Maybe you wouldn't **** me off so much
You don't know what you stand for
You think you do, but you don't
You're living in a fantasy
Where the only things that matter
Are how many people believe you cut
And making sure no one knows you never did.
Oh, but I ******* know, don't think I don't. And I don't play around with this ****. I swear I'm gonna delete her ****** Tumblr account.
Élodie BLT Feb 2015
I am Élodie.
I am a Human being.
I am a Girl
I am the third choice.
I am sometime the second.
I am never the first.
I am the depressif girl.
I am the girl who read lots a book.
I am the girl with the long sleves.
I am someone some people call "attention seeker"
I am girl
I am a human being.
I am Élodie.
I am broken.
yup, deep again, yup yup yup
Jane in Jeopardy Nov 2014
with reluctance
became my favourite word..
i did not
carve myself
a chaotic mess of a Julia set
nor did i
a labyrinth of crosswords.

i have
one of everything you have
two of everything you have
and yet
we are no mirror of each other;
my hands are extended
when your hands are not

as if
you were such a simpleton
the easiest book to be judged by its cover
and yet
you are such a simpleton
judging me by my cover
writing me off
before you read my contents..

please don't say
i'm were just lazy
to try
to solve this problem
to you
was complex like Julia set
build upon
thousands of crossword puzzle..
i can't count the number of people who don't understand me or don't even make the effort to understand me in my life, they think they know what's best..well whatever, probably i do not understand them as well ?
Insane Reverie Nov 2014
He look at me,Smiles
I laugh at him,waving good byes
still's into me,that guy !
Sometime we girls can turn preety mean,when a guy approaches us.Its not that we hate'em but Sometime girls love to receive special treatment & attention. *giggles*
AnActualToaster Oct 2014
You seem to love talking about personal problems..

But only of they're lies about yourself
Sister 'dear', when will you learn? 'Cause I'm sick of it.
AnActualToaster Oct 2014
I don't feel bad for you
For what it is you're going through
This time you'll finally learn
And this time, it's none of my concern.
You've finally got what you deserve,
I can't believe you had the nerve
To turn your back on your best friends
You think them ***** in the end.
Well now they know,
Your true self shows
It's time to pay your dues.
The subject of  You've got Yourself to blame, Hypocrite, and Attention Seeks Destruction has finally tasted her own medicine. It's a sorry sight, but what has to happen has to happen.
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