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pilgrims Mar 2020
Geese scrambling on the roof
scratching uncertainly.
Seeking balance.
Steady purchase on a ceiling peak; perched.
Finding home,
flocks frayed by the Four winds
and Fate.
Honking hellos and goodbyes.
Ilaha Nov 2018
Things don't work and fall apart
You knock the door, it's 'nope'
You plant seeds with a hope
Yet no reply, time has stopped

You fear to get off your way
Terrified! For your grail
Is aloof in their scale
Paralyzed! Next step is blear

Back up! Hold on a minute
Sit back, enjoy the ride
Sole value? - inner guide
What they dictate? - not a dime!

Do you see debris yonder?
Shedding bits of your tears
Crack is where your love flares
Wreck is where you leave old fears

Trust the wisdom of your cor
For all good in you - soar!
All brave in you will pull
Mutual 'Aloha' next door.

Light House Feb 2017
I wonder where you are now;
I wonder how you feel
& how, with all of it, you deal..
I try & understand,
till I feel this cringe & know... doesn't matter How.
only that you do...
...which means that
so can I.

I love you ..& I wish that
I never had to say Goodbye I won't.
Princess Lynne Jun 2014
He was the sun.
And she was the moon.
The distance took a toll,
the timing hindered their potential,
and their differences collided.
You see, their paths rarely crossed.
But when they do,
they could not get enough of each other

— The End —