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Aaron LaLux Aug 2017
She’s in Cambodia when she says,
“Company always matters,
but if it’s the wrong one,
I’d rather be on my own.”,

I’m in California when I say,
“I feel exactly the same way.”,

we’re on opposite sides of the world,
she’s at Angkor Wat just in from Dubai,
and I’m at home in Hollywood,
well not my home exactly just the place where I currently lie,

or rather the place where I lay,
because there are no lies here,
not between her and I,
because we’re,

two Stars shooting through the Infinite Sky,

and I want to fly to her right now,
I want to leave this city,
I want to be there,
with her at Angkor amongst all it’s ancient reliefs,

but alas,
we all have our lives,
different paths,
even when it’s led by the same guiding Light,

and I wonder if I’ll ever see her again,
at least I wonder if I’ll ever see her again in this life,

and I don’t know why I write,
I swear to God I don’t know even when I say I do,
because all I’ve ever gotten from these writings,
was all these cliches that I find in me and in you,

sounding like a cheesy pop song,
sounding like the voice of reason when everything’s gone wrong,
sounding like a lost Soul traveling the open road out here all alone,
leaving behind nothing but some faded memories and the words in these poems,

and when I hear her voice,
or rather read her text from my phone,
I get the feeling that as alone as I may be,
in that moment I am everything except for alone,

so when I get that call,
I know she feels exactly the same way,
and that’s exactly why,
I always listen when she explains,

she’s in Cambodia when she says,
“Company always matters,
but if it’s the wrong one,
I’d rather be on my own.”,

I’m in California when I say,
“I feel exactly the same way.”…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

author of multiple best selling poetry books
dorian green Apr 2016
my love,
are you still there?
i looked back (just to check)
and you were gone...
Kes Long Mar 2016
Sitting alone on this seat.

Floating back to Singapore . . .

What I would give to always be by your side.

Dwelling ~

Yearn for your warm, kind, ever thoughtful words, or maybe just for the sound of your voice;

Something to let me know you are near;

Something to let me know you are safe.

Like when you ask me why do I always gaze into your eyes,

In retrospect, I realise;

When I look at your eyes, it feels like a privilege every single time,

It's almost as if, I am chanced to have a peak into your beautiful soul;




Respectful of all things and beings,





Just a few of the characteristics I have felt whenever I look into your eyes;

It never fails to evoke an innate sense of appreciation for you, within me;

I often, find myself reminded, like an ever-recurring echo deep in my heart, of the saying:

"The eyes are the windows of the soul".

I love you and I always want to be with you;

I wish to keep you happy,


in good health,

to be both, your other-half,

and your best friend,

to understand your needs,


to regard them,

respect them,  

to nurture them;

Like you have been doing for me.

I also need you to know;

I appreciate you,

I love you,

I care for you,

I want to always be there for you;

You are the epitome of my being;

Once again,

My kismet.

- Kes Long.
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M Crux Alexander Apr 2015
rapacious dreams
of you and screams
haunt the seams
of incorporeal subsistence

(i miss your flesh)

title misspelling intended.
Abi Tams Jan 2015
I wish body pillows
Acted like teleportation devices
And when you clutched yours
It would put me beside you

I wish blankets
Were like magic carpets
And we could use ours
To fly to one another

I wish computer screens
Would let us reach to others
And I could pull you through
And into my arms

I wish we could feel each other
When we clutch pillows and blankets
And pretend they're each other
So our dreams can somewhat come true
Emisen Dec 2014
In the darkened space
I orbit around nothingness
While I try to navigate
my way to your head
Waves, transmissions,
Data and connectivity.
Empty words that make a line
A line that lead
to tall towers and hollow chambers
While I continue to float
In limitless space
In an empty room
Inside my head.
Amanda Sep 2014
Day 1:
When you wake up missing someone, and go to bed mourning them, remember that the first week is always the worst.

Day 7:
When your body begins to pull you out of bed and begs your legs to run as far and as fast as they can, realize that the only destination you're really seeking is their arms, their embrace; that home encased in steady beats and familiar warmth.

3 am:
When your feet can no longer support the weight of your heavy soul and your car won't stop pestering you to take a ride, don't waste your gas.
Don't spend your sparse tears all in one place.
He wants to kiss you too.
That's all that matters.

12 pm:
Everything reminds you of him, you're watching his face dissolve in a crowd of strangers, you lose sight of him.
When you see a tall boy and a shy girl cooing in the corner where you once swam in his eyes and confessed your love without spoken words, do not fall to your knees.
Do not avenge fate.
What was once a wonderful thing of yours can now be shared with people you wish you could be again.

Day 30:
When you find that food is your last resort, a full stomach is increasingly scarce, and days pass of nothing but your bed swallowing you whole and your bedroom seeming more like a dungeon, open your window and remember why you always woke up in the first place.
Recall why you used to smile, and your remedy, his smile back, will make the sun choose to shine again.

Hour 3:
When your lips and your hearts leap towards each other to certain death, do not procrastinate putting your tears on a silver platter.
Do not mourn what will be mourned far too soon—just love the way you didn't want to.
And don't let go.

Day 1:
When 3 hours feels like day 1 all over again, lick your lips, keep holding on to him although his embrace expired for some time now.
Most importantly, pretend he hasn't left yet.
Ask yourself:
When can I love you this much again?
(This is the happiest thing I've ever written.)
Amanda Sep 2014
I try to lose my thoughts but they spit themselves back in my face.
I guess there's a million reasons why I shiver even when it isn't cold.
I've been postponing this for a while now.
But you can't hold back for too long when something is screaming for you.
I can feel the flight instinct disrupt my body.
Fear is the most petty element, sleeping with love every night
corrupting it with it's infectious hands, darkening the pure.
I loved you for too long, and as of this moment, always, it is never long enough.
I tremble for the day that "I love you" struggles to slip through your mouth.
When you wake up and the first thing you do is bite your tongue and taste me trickling to the back of your throat, I won't be the first thing on your mind.
The ceiling won't remind you of me.
Your eyes will open, and somehow you won't be on your back.
You'll be laying on your side, something will make you realize why you can't love me anymore.
I'm trying to stomach this.
It takes all my strength to not dedicate this to you.
This was almost created in slow-motion: the definition of what time feels like without you.
My skin is so lost without your hands easily guiding the way.
Please don't forget about me.
I'll bang down your door till my knuckles are ****** before I let my name escape your sighs.
Tee Murray Sep 2014
I can't get enough
You are becoming the air I breathe
The water I drink
The food I eat
My sustainment

But you'll be gone soon
I'll suffocate
Die of thirst
My oblivion.
A love poem. My lover left tonight,  not me...but for her career. And although it will be for the better, I wish she didn't have to go. What will I do without her? And it won't be for just a few days or'll be almost 10 months before I can hold her again...oh the agony
Emily Aug 2014
have you ever been so in love
that every step you take
you take in the name of

your lover
your soulmate
your best friend

your heart hurts to have distance
your mind wanders into bad places
after not speaking much that day

does she make your world spin
does he make your heart pound
do you feel like at any moment
your world could end
if suddenly
her love stopped
he no longer needed you

a smile can turn to a frown
a laugh can turn into a cry
you think you know all the answers
but all of a sudden, you're asking why

what if the worst happens
what if you end up alone
what if she doesn't want you
or he stops calling you on the phone

day after day
the fear grows within me
i'm losing my vision with every hour
all my senses are away from me
i'm scared to death of what could be

i want your heart forever
i want to see your mind
i want to feel secure with our love
i want to know you're mine
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