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Hannah A Apr 2016
Not like this.

the path you stumbled for,
left you for some footsteps of a goddess
that we never were sure of her existence.

He left you on the road
oh, beautiful landscape of all
such green trees, such brown leaves.
Do you wonder how I wonder?
wanderlust, collecting dust
of the wasted decades we had
of an item we never truly got to reckon it's form
I do not believe in time
it does not exist
break all hour glasses done.
Alan S Bailey Oct 2015
I always have loved you. Maybe when the time is right
100 years from now, or 20 years, who knows?
In a future life of inconceivable delights,
I will find you again somewhere, amid sparkling nature,
Living on and on you wonder why you can not die,
Like a crystal that will withstand the test of time,
Though you can not ever be the only one,
Be this moment always like this love of mine.
Reverie Dawson Jun 2015
The delicate sky glowed.
The pink and the blue transfixed me.
The clouds...oh so dreamy.
Such a lovely discovery to find and blind me.
Bear in mind that leaving behind such a kind and unconfined sky broke me.
Wishing to feel those wings on my back, spring from me and cling to the heavens.
And that's all I see in your glass eyes.
With you by my side looking at the timeless infinite sky.
When the grass cease to exist...
We shall be ageless.
We are

*Like ageless songs
And chuck taylors

Like timeless movies
And polaroid cameras

Like classic books
and flanel shirts

we'll never go out of style
Stephanie Emily Oct 2014
Curled up in the passenger side, my moccasins rested on the edge of the seat.
Projecting heat pleaded the piercing winter from under my skin.
My chin fell slowly as ash insulated my heart.
My lips would part as second-hand soothing soot
Grew arms and cradled my soul like the look
A newborn baby receives when wrapped in adoration.
A suffocation as an indication I was not alone.

Strangers. Soaring together for forty-eight hours.
Oblivious to dangers our adolescent wings never noticed.
Our only focus was on each other.
At first, words of conversation refused to be discovered.
But all at once we slowly uttered
Our pasts until his demons appeared in front of me.
Surprised I could still see through the windshield ahead,
I did not dread the broken being to my left.
Because who was I to judge the stranger
Who’d unknowingly love me as if his life depended on it?

Have you ever been in love with a Thunderbird?
One that flies solely in winter blizzards?
Fueled by chain-smoking cigarettes
And Dunkin Donut cappuccinos with five sugars.
It never once regarded the threat
Of driving through life
At ninety-five miles per hour.

I fell in love at six in the morning, wearing a borrowed jacket.
Coated in sleep’s drowsiness, we floated on clouds,
Dodging white paper coral trees and buried houses.

I fell in love when the world stood still
And the snow descended along with our sanity.
Somehow a Thunderbird granted me amnesty from myself.
As humanity remained asleep, with stealth
We drifted through back roads in horrific elegance
That jostled my brain until my mind was rewired to my heart
And has remained that way since.
Francisco DH Sep 2014
I am not tattered like rags hanging on the rail on the back porch with the sun evaporating all the youth.
I am not crinkling and wrinkling, forming brittle mountains unfit for usage.
No, I am, I am, I am fertile ashes giving birth to vulnerable, naked emotions.
I am, I am, I am love.
Love comes in many shapes and forms.
It just happens that way.
Poetic T Jun 2014
Beneath the tree
I sit,
In thought,
Of life
What its done.
Where its
Taken me,
Given back,
Held me captive.
I sit under the tree
I look up,
The flickering
That is above me.
Am I of use,
Do I change anything.
I sit under the Tree,
My life
like its rings
show age,
wrinkles show
I am at peace.
As I sit
As I stare,
I am here
The universe around
Time moves on,
I get back up,
I walk inside,
As time
waits for no one.
Akemi May 2013
That dancing
Is empty
All encased
In memory space
By ageless
Over ancient
Waded hands
Over welts
The tightness
An heirloom
To your
A rasping cry
In perpetual
The motion
Of ending eyes
When all lights flutter
And die
3:25am, April 28th 2013

i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry

— The End —