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William Eberlein Aug 2014


You steal the stars,
from the night sky.

You are paramount,
more so than my next breath.

I tell you now,

you make Love
April  Feb 2018
The Ageless
April Feb 2018
In nightmares and in waking dreams
I see them standing there.
Their faces, they who never age,
Who’ve long been resting in their graves,
Surrounding me with love and with their loss.

“I’ve missed you, since you left me, dear,”
I long to say to them.
I never get to speak the words;
My tongue is stopped with tears.

They smile at me, beckon to me,
Never do they speak,
And while I stay here, trapped by love,
They slowly fade away.

Their memories are blurring now,
Half washed away by tears;
Their vibrant colors run to grey,
A rainbow of the years
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