Byerly 4d
Im going to a party today
Loud music
Lots of people
People I see everyday
I dont talk to them much
Im the shy girl
But is a new year
And the last one too
Im the introvert
In that bubble that I live in, 8 hours a day
But I'll do my best
Byerly 5d
the sun and the moon
inseparable and distant
yet, they live from each other
and for each other
despite the differences
as an extrovert and an introvert
admiring the same art
from a different angle
Byerly 5d
am I enough?

unable to help others

having my hands *******

it's making me worthless
Byerly 5d
there was once a little flower
with a huge smile
sitting in the grass
with its yellow petals
singing a lullaby
waiting for some child to approach

the kind of power that it kept
it was nowhere seen before
not in a thousand years at least

it grew up with a ray of sunshine
but it was surrounded by darkness
so its heart was in the wrong place
it was confused

it owned the hearts of 6 kids
and with 1 more
the world as we know it

would end
Byerly 5d
he's reading the newspaper
sitting on the couch
with a football match in the background
he is quiet
and peaceful
on the other hand
there's his wife
running in the kitchen
worried about not having dinner on time
it's like this
they are old school
the woman cleans, cooks, washes...
she does everything around here
while the old man just sits
and wait for the next meal
Byerly Dec 2018
I want to  see those brown eyes again
that curly hair that I have too
I want to hug you
listen to you
kiss you

but I cant
the distance between us is enormous
I want to bring you back
where you belong

I want to sing to you
and dance with you
be with you
Byerly Dec 2018
I wish I didn't exist
not even like a bee
neither like a tree
because those things are alive
and I don't wanna be
not with this

I struggle every day with myself
not to make terrible choices
I try to contain

but you can't expect something to be empty
if you keep filling it up
there was a moment where all I wanted
was the sweet relief of my friend
my mysterious  and old friend,  death
who seemed to walk around with me the past 2 years

I survived myself
but I almost didn't

I searched for happiness or at least control
with family
with friends
with hobbies


it did work
but its back
the emptiness and the black fog embrace me like no one else ever did
but this time
I like it
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