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Byerly Jul 12
Whisper me the secret of love
In and in
Take me back so I can hold you
I've never seen someone like you before
You make me feel another shade of blue
We were covered from the fog
No air can get there
Fog in my lungs
Fog in your pores
Fog in every piece of your core
Only in my dreams I could see your face before
Before I met you sweet was nonexistence
Tell me your stories
Tell me your fears
Tell me everything that is in between
You had me
Take me back to the day I met you
So I can hold you
Byerly Jun 30
I've wanted to ****
I've wanted to die
Sometimes at the same time
Sometimes not
Vioces that run the world
Based on a type of body
We have the same blood
"Blood that must be spilled"
Were you lucky with your gender?
Or are you just a girl?
Is your purpose to be silent? To obey?
No. Our purpose is to live
Be happy.
To laugh. To love.
Not fear
A perfect world.
Instead we want to ****
Or die
Its really hard for women to live in a world that was created for men
Byerly Jun 15
The hours passed as eternity
A man in blue was fighting for life
Covered in blood that wasnt his
His body and mind were the walls of the saviors
Byerly Jun 14
Nobody knows
I've been dying in LA
where all the souls
stay in the middle
going nowhere
and also anywhere
where the beaches are peaceful
and the nights are pure storms
Byerly Jun 2
The tears that were cried
The blood that was spilled
The sacrifice that was made
Are all the colors in the rainbow
Infinite wars for love and equality
You can see the highlight in the sky
As people dance with icons playing along
Diversity was written since the begining of times
It was put to some people  the hardest test to prove braveness
The fear to love will be no longer tolerated
We need somebody to call us "home"
We will resist, like we did in the old times
Holding flags and rainbows and colors and love.
Destroy traditions and create a new one
A new one where no one is afraid to be who they are.
"How can people hate this?" I ask myself
Dont hide away your scars
Instead show them with pride
Every king, queen, and leader has scars that are signs of a winned battle
We are warriors and we are comming stronger
Today is june 1
Aka the first day of pride month
Happy pride month!!!
Byerly Apr 30
Her bob cut was not that bad
Inspired a 50's vibe that couldnt be forgotten.
The smoke that came out of her mouth
Like a demon in a gas station.
And the two sides of light were dancing in her face
Blue and pink, and pink and blue.
You could feel the colors and see sounds.
In the streets behind a neon sign was a paparazzi
Waiting for her like a lion waits for the gazelle
To liberate the thunderbolt.
Byerly Apr 7
the coffee cream aside
next to the vine
in an old wooden table
he is sitting in a blue velvet sofa
dreaming with the golden mirror in his wall
exploring the illustration of a new world
he has his white sheep-like blanket
the blue sun staring at him
with the silver army beside it
a perfectionist with a red tattoo
plants in a medicine bottle
and a watch in his wrist
he's a healthy role model
just for the aesthetic
and golden petals
inspired by a Conan gray video
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