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I think that when I’m older
I’ll think back to now
The happenings
Of a 14-year-old
And wish life was still just as simple

But for now
I can’t wait to be older
And it couldn’t come any sooner
Tanya Apr 2016
Overexaggerated happiness
Splashes in the wine glass
Drink me
Like red drops on the white snow
Ideas pops out in my mind
Once they've appeared
They won't be there for long
As long as the hemlock works
I'll be bright and bewitched.
Shazz Manji Feb 2014
In your despair
you survive
wrapped in pain
no one could ever comprehend
and no one could save

You jumped
and yet here you are
bearing a gift
to ease the pain
of stranger sitting across from you
with tear stained eyes

You fill the world with light unknown to you
brighter than any darkness
and you do not mind
that thanks comes in the form
of an endless stream of tears

Your story
Your name
If only I knew
before it was too late
I would have treasured
every hour spent
in the cold and quiet
hospital room

And now
You fill my mind
With every crevice
you live on
and I live
for you

How foolish
that my reason to live
another day
comes from a small gift
from the stranger sitting across from me
with blood on her wrists
and a warm forgiving smile
on her lips

Who would ever know
that all the thanks I have
would belong to the golden heart
of a broken stranger
A-S Jan 2014
I am afraid of failing.
Everybody expects me,
to be me,
to think deep,
find a solution,
and succeed.

I am a perfectionist,
I have always been,
I want to achieve.
And my mind tells me,
no excuses.
Every time I fall,
reality hits me harder,
and I disappoint myself.
I realize I had set my standards,
too high.

I want to be independent,
and confident.
I will pull myself up,
because I need to prove myself,
I can do anything,
I set my mind to.

And I may have been through a lot,
But there's no reason to give up.

— The End —