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 Jun 2014 StuKerr
Dark Holes
Your ****'s on parade
Snapchat your privates for me
**** pics of the soul
 Jun 2014 StuKerr
Dark Holes
 Jun 2014 StuKerr
Dark Holes
Bangles are my jam
Please walk like an Egyptian
Right into my heart
 Jun 2014 StuKerr
Ivy Grace Bell
How do I fall asleep without you next to me?
How do I know that when the nightmares come I wont be swallowed whole.
And when the terror,
The shakes
And the self important universe descend upon my head that I can find safety in the hollow of your neck and the crook of your elbow.
 Jun 2014 StuKerr
Swetank Modi
Drugs impair us
beyond repair
Lowly death
~Vs~ the highs of life
Does not compare
mind likes to travel
Body takes it there
remember this feeling
And for once in forever
Forget to care.

— The End —