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A M Ryder Aug 2019
We are all *****
When life
Wants someone to ****
yamilet nguyen Mar 2016
big, small, tall, short.
curvy, flat, scrawny, heavy.
getting the attention because they show more skin than the average woman.
they give them cute names like "*****" "cumbucket" and "*****". The only respect given to them is cat calling and t-bagging, as if they weren't human enough or even woman enough to be given the privilege to be taken on a date or better yet having a committed relationship with the boy next door because he is too embarrassed to be seen with the ****, but would **** in the sheets because he knew no one would see, that inside those sheets he made lustful sweet love to the **** from the stop. Don't be nice they say, she just wants to lay in bed all day, to eat your flesh and give you head, to make you love her and **** your ego. because no one wants a ****. But she was once used and abused, maybe that "****" never truly understood how to be loved and cared about because every person who has touched her given her reasons to despise every single bit of hope they would put in her head. Wanting the attention she was never given because hearing "you are beautiful" is like floating mid air feeling the goosebumps running down to her spine, making her wish she heard that a thousand more times. (3:20am)
Dark Ink Mar 2016
Night after night she prowls along
Along the midnights streets
Her mayhem mind torturing her
Crouched along the highway
The lady awaits her fate
The crumpled rupees in her hand,
She stood up and ruffled her black dress
And got in to the darkness.
The meeting was done in seconds
Then the door was shut at her
It's positive they said
***** of mind and innocence lost!
"I have aids" she exclaimed,
And suddenly the world seemed to look down on her.
"It was a mistake " she screamed,
But it was too late, it can't be cured.
Painful memories clouded her mind
They called her bad
They called her mad
The truth haunted her destiny
As her body grew weak day by day
Her dignity was mocked toyed at,
It was abused, compromised, lowered and bad mouthed.
The she thought," i have the power today to reset my boundaries, restore my image, start fresh and rebuild what had happened to me"
Brent Kincaid Feb 2016
I like to wear tiny shorts
On my big fat ****.
And little tiny tops to make
My ***** look big.
But if I catch you staring at me
And ogling my *******
I’ll suddenly get all proper on you
And call you a pig.

Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder
I run with a very different pack.
So don’t come crying on my shoulder.
I’ll tell you to step your *** back.

I love my hair bleached orange
With lots of dark roots.
I keep it long, and badly cut
Then wear a pony tail.
I walk like a linebacker
On the scrimmage line.
I think I look extremely cool
Like I just got out of jail.

Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder
I run with a very different pack.
So don’t come crying on my shoulder.
I’ll tell you to step your *** back.

If I wear a hat it is a stocking cap
And some boots I stole from a boy.
It all goes well with raccoon eyes;
The makeup makes it work.
I am so **** hot that I am sizzling.
If you object you are jealous.
So, I ignore your comments and sneers.
You must be a bunch of jerks.

Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder
I run with a very different pack.
So don’t come crying on my shoulder.
I’ll tell you to step your *** back.
AuntieBelle Dec 2014
Remember, some line up.
Line up and wait for their own day in hell.
They scream for victory.
The far away deep, lost heart places that  
dry up fast when cowards are left to tend them.

Accelerating, gnarled prizes, metal and tubes,
wires and guts and brains that smoke the sun's color,
losing it in the pitch of the rainbow-slicked sludge.
Up, up, and away, a dark celebration in song, something
shouted gleefully at the sky on the way to the gallows.

Desire, hate, and the teasing, fatted, greasy greed,
they all feed the Black God's Mirth, they'd better.
They'd better know he'll consume them as quick,
when the hard, cold mud-water fist envelops them
embraces them, makes them still again.

Don't waste your deep song throats on a trivial Godsson,
humanity-theif or cracked up narc, discarding dignity
as quickly as you give it up. Don't do it.
Give him breathmints and soap and humility, please.
He needs those.  

Don't take anything that isn't yours or can't be sold
quickly, easily locally. The bedroom path is
strewn with flowers no one loves
You are worth a little revenge now and then, get some.
Talk??? It's cheap ****. No one's buying.
Roughly composed in the parking lot of the Port Orchard Shari's, in the wee hours before dawn on Sunday, March 2nd, 2014, not because the idea is great or good or even anything at all, but because it was very necessary that I do something quiet, non-violent and not considered a felony in Washington State. I won (sort of, I didn't talk to any cops or wind up in jail that night) that struggle and the result is this piece of crap. Suggestions welcome. Seriously.
OH you were honest, huh?
I should respect you,
Oh dear,
For being real?

I tell you okay, cool,
thank you!
That I bear you no ill will,
no, no,
Not enough for you,
Elder one,
I must admit,
how amazing you are,
For dropping me,
For something easy.

I get the decision,
Hell, I share most of your reasoning!
But, *****,
Get the **** out,
of my life,
If you are going to drop me,
And ask me to respect you,
for honesty.
Like I wouldn't have noticed anyways.
Like you owed me an explanation.
Like you cheated on me.
Like you felt guilty,
decided I deserved it.
When really, you just played the game,
A little better,
and when a fairer breeze came along,
You jumped on,
and flew away,

Well ******* ****,
I'll find someone better,
And it's okay.
I'm just being honest.
You have to respect me for,
being real.
Dark Holes Jun 2014
Your ****'s on parade
Snapchat your privates for me
**** pics of the soul
Dark Holes Jun 2014
My heart is a ****
Stab it deep inside your chest
Jizzy goodness, ok?
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