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Ameena Hussain Oct 2020
Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you don't like Harry Potter
Something is Sirius-ly
Ron with you
Only Potterheads will understand❤
Paola Aug 2017
the only way to survive is
no one gains recognition through
challenging rules!
although resisted, you are encouraged by
it's just awful to oblige solely by
constant pressure to be new, but
please break out of thinking it's
prohibiting to be you.
the system is simply
choosing what's best for the majority.
it's ineffective when a single force is
thinking for himself.
it's time one starts
following a mold...

now read backwards

I'd like to give credit to a poet with the initials/name (I'm not sure) ron. ron's poem named Perfect Inadequacy (about embracing flaws) inspired me to create a poem with the same structure, but focusing on embracing one's uniqueness.

ron, if you see this, thank you so much for your poetic prowess!!
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
Stop letting corporate news tell lies to your children
Unless you want to continue to be blind to the truth
That it isn’t a Republican or a Democrat
It’s both of them
Who are both feeding lies to your children
Maybe a few are good here and there
But that’s such an off chance
And they’ll shut them up before they can spit anything real out
Ron Paul tried his best
But freedom isn’t what they want for you
Unless freedom from choice counts
As we allow more intense regulation
Coming from this corrupt business

I wasn’t talking about a company
I was talking about your government
The ones who thieve from you all the time
With a thing called ‘taxation’
And have infinite funds to use as they please
Especially if they want to fund another war
Where they send the people who fund that war
Out to fight that war
How beautiful is that?

But continue to vote for the man using the word ‘hope’ or ‘change’
Like Obama did
But what if I told you he is just George W
And instead has the symbol of donkey
Instead of an elephant?

And no I won’t allow this structure to take me over
Just look at this poem
It has no order or rules
Because I don’t let the government tell me what the **** to do
Keep on listening to them as they yell at the big business
But the funny thing is
They are working with that big business every single day
Most of these so-called politicians will continue
To not give a **** about me or you
So maybe you should take a stand
And vote for self-governance
Or at the very least
Look into new ideas
Because Democrats and Republicans are a limiting force
And will never strive for radical change
They’ll continue to melt the ***
As I sit and strive for change
With massive militant poetry
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
Think for yourself they'll tell you
But you'll never agree
Because you want no liberty
Even though it is all or nothing,
A willingness to die by those values
But they'll tell you that you're incompetent
Or special while they steal another set of data
Quietly from the cradle
And you'll think that's fine and okay
As you watch another show and simply lay.

They want you to be politically minimal and vote the same
Because it is cause for a simple aim,
To vote for everything to be as it once was,
The counter will buzz as the state lives on,
The surface level is easy and quick and enjoyable,
Just 140 characters of freedom are enough,
Everything else is far too hard
Because propaganda is still easy even in democracy
Despite the fact that it's all ******* hypocrisy,
We'll never be free until you're willing to see
That in the empire of lies truth is treason.
StuKerr Jun 2014
That Ron Burgandy
He's so misogynistic
Baxter is Awesome

— The End —