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StuKerr Jun 2014
Why does my love life
Exist theoretically
Life is misery
StuKerr Jun 2014
Amanda manly
Strong chin, slight fuzz, bit of bulge
A man duh lady?
StuKerr Jun 2014
Yvan eht nioj
Boy bands, even cartoon ones
Obvious evil
StuKerr Jun 2014
Why do I love you?
You break me and build me up
How do I know why?
StuKerr Jun 2014
Despairing eyes stare
The returning gaze hateful
Dead eyes gaze blankly
StuKerr Jun 2014
Afternoon delight
Sun still up its bright outside
But dark here with you
StuKerr Jun 2014
Glistening blackness flows before me and slowly the tinge of dawns burning light begins to run across my vision.

The still gentle waters begin to glow at the horizon, dazzling through the spectrum of light.

The sky awash with umber and azure conceals the glittering majesty of infinite.

As light passes the darkness recedes creeping out of sight.

The shadows lengthen then begin to darken as in contrast the warm rich brightness envelops me.

At once a ray bursts from the edge between azure and umber and they are swallowed by the white.

I gaze out onto the ocean. Its glimmering majesty losing the sparkling wonder of the night above.

Blinding it sears across the sky and hesitates at the edge of my vision before fading, a memory of bright.

The glorious halo of white fire reaches above the limit of the edge of the world and the day begins anew.
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