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Aug 2019 · 108
For Mo
Serena M Aug 2019
I remember posing for you on the boat, long gone now
The city tore it down and we
Failed to keep ours afloat

My hair was blonde when we first met
Starving artists living on a prayer
At Timothy’s we congregated for coffee
You saw how I was so young and jaded
I felt my heart beat like a butterfly
My soul stopped and stared at yours, without knowing
Whispering, “This is fated”

Long before we both got sick
I whispered to you in your bed
“You don’t know the difference between
A kiss and
A Pin-*****”
Little did I know then,
I was speaking
For myself, as well

On the darkest day of November
I ran to your side, of course
I sensed
A disturbance in the force
I preferred the devil I knew
To the one I’d never saw

I had demons of my own, under my skin
No time to get caught up in
Someone else’s sins

“Throw me a bone
I’m caught up in a storm
Of my own”

Knock knock
You were there
When no one else
Listened, understood
Or did me any good

I thought we were good

II- Stockholm Syndrome

You showed me a love I’d never known
At the time it felt almost enchanted
Our poison made us take it for granted

I got to run away for a while
I always liked your impeccable style
Your charm began to blur the alarm system
We walked mile by mile
Further than I had
In my twenty-some years

And then, came the tears
My third eye lost it’s sight
When poison coursed through veins
Crying as the sun rose into light with disdain
“Lay down my fists
Here comes more pain.”

Help me! I’d cry
As I lived out my lie
Every needle plunge exclaimed
“You’re gonna die.”

I would sink into
The living room rug as hell opened up
The devil sneering “we’re waiting for you, buttercup”

I would try doing less
Then the bedroom was a mess, then the bathroom
Every room was prevailed
By doom

Poison to flower;
My soul was devoured
Once your wild rose

I slowly began to decompose

When I looked in the mirror
“Alana” had disappeared
My body simply a host
For lost souls,
Hungry ghosts

The war had just begun
You shut the large blinds
Said to me without looking
“You are not the sun.”

I think that was the moment
I realized I could not keep you
Or your heart
Any longer

I sat on the bathroom floor and wrote
I stared at my arms for hours
Sore, bulbous in areas, scarred
Bruised, yellowed like a sick yew
I noticed
My skin has began to redden and peel in lesions
Trees losing leaves, changing with the seasons

Cigarettes, stress, drugs- Psoriasis
The dermatologist told me in her tidy office
The best part
Of that day
Was catching the bus with my little ticket
Pulling my knees in, and listening to sad songs peacefully
Whimsically repeating the dark melodrama,
The things I believed in-
That I was in love
That I was miserable
The things that felt safe

What I feared most was dying alone and in pain
But the worst
Was yet to come

Time passed
By April I had been fired
Because mine had burned out
Taking too many sick days
Originally out of anxiety and lack of social adaptiveness
Breeding into
Pure hedonism and sloth
You hated that
You were so ill
You wanted money to keep going (and eventually die?)
Or perhaps you wanted me, not to give up on myself
You never said so

Your presence dwindled
I spent my last $3.50 on grapenut ice cream
To see you
To be with you
To share something with you
You were there but you weren’t

I started thinking about suicide as it began to build up
The weight of the lies, the drugs, the empty
The dog’s sad eyes and your self-neglect
My credit cards were maxed
My arms were a minefield and my legs,
Looked like a very hungry caterpillar had chewed them up

One night you broke…
I found the courage to speak to you
And you said I “had started all of this”
When I “had began staying with you”

In fact: I had come to your side, my best friend turned lover
To take care of you.
When I was 20 years old

I ran off and bawled,
Harder than I could ever remember
I felt my heart break in my chest and cried harder
You yelled my pet name and said my cries were cute
You taunted me
You were a mad man

(That I saw as a baby boy, somehow)

You never slept with me in the bedroom anymore anyway, so I set up camp
I had my supplies
I had my spoon
(the little one) and then
When you would amble around
Take off, leave me
I’d get into your concoction
In your not-so-secret hiding spot
(I knew our apartment like the back of my hand by now)
It was on a dark, stained wooden bookcase you’d had for years
Placed up high, out of sight
But never out of mind

Every shot at this point
Was a “shot in the dark” ...potent
A ****** up sort of Russian Roulette
Dancing with a devil that only
Pretended to care

I don’t blame you for resenting me
And I think it goes the other way around
I had to go, and you had to move on

I wonder everyday how the hell my heart is still beating
This is a piece about a very traumatic and self destructive time in my left. I wrote this as a sort of closure as I processed things.
Sep 2018 · 1.3k
How I Came to Thrive
Serena M Sep 2018
I was once a slave to the blade
Also to the pin of sins
And yeah, I thought
I had it made

Sugar spun mascara doll eyes
Life was a series of battle cries
Fate cut me deeper than I ever had the courage to carve.

It was a losing fight. The self-pity, the bloodletting, the IV plunge of butterflies, bats with razor blade wings in my veins was going to give me the feeling of life I so ached for. So I nearly slipped away from here.

Time ran out and was borrowed again
And it was not until recently that I discovered that the courage was in fact, in stopping.

The courage was in deciding to love myself anyway.

The courage was in fighting the good fight, and uncovering the joy of each breath that I take....The joy of being alive.

The courage to accept nothing less than what brings me that.

And that is How I Came to Thrive.
a narrative of sorts, after having been clean for 7 months and self harm free over 1 year
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
Serena M Sep 2018
this is the calm before the storm
the quiet place by the shore,
where you lay down the corpse of your sweet remorse

this is the clap of thunder
the thing that pulls us under
where you lie awake
and wonder how it all got
so loud

this is the crashing of the waves
ominous, crisp echoes in our caves
where we learn to be brave
the sky fell above us
it just could not behave
Jul 2018 · 312
Divine Notions
Serena M Jul 2018
Demons rear their heads
Eyes deep with sincere vacancy
You speak beside me in tongues
I feel warm, they are all familiar
But it is not my fight to fight

I am going mad
I strike a match to you
So dark, I can hardly see
Come here, please

I wanna feel your heart

Say you want to run away
As long as you'd take
me with you
Say it with conviction
Spit it out,
Grab me by the throat
And I will loosen my leash

A sun in your sky
Not what you need
I see light in you
As you take mine in, in sips

Cue the solar eclipse

As we fade into the night
My psychopathic delight
We're all just in this for the fight

You kiss the hollow of my cheek
Tell me how I am so unique
And I chase my tail for you,
All hopped up on emotion

Just a Lonely girl with
some divine notions

Let it fall apart, baby
Cause you know
I will just blame it
on the Starless Night
Say "Fight the good fight",
Thank you, for the scars
On my broken heart
Written on a whim at 3 AM
Jun 2018 · 1.7k
Serena M Jun 2018
She is frost-bitten newborn kitten
Left out in the cold
Mother rescued, but euthanized
‘Cause she was just “a little too old”
These violent mishappenings occur

Will she be found, drowned, sold?
Will we let her die out if the cold?
She is the swift foxes prey
Dear God, please let us pray

Lost kitten, be warm tonight
Lost kitten, sense the danger
and know when to take flight

She has become feral and the man does not understand her
Will she ever know how it feels to purr?

Counting down, 9 lives
8, 7, 6
A narrow escape on the highway
A miracle occurs in the cold light of day

Coaxed tenderly by a gentle soul
Now she lives in the warm barn and sleeps with the foal
Her name is Cleo

I believe in gentle souls
They help me sleep at night
I cannot save this world alone
I am too weak to fight

I am Cleo
But God, please tell me
When I look into the headlights
Will it save me
or will it end me?

And will there ever be a warm place waiting for me?

“Cradle me in your arms
I won’t bite you if I know I am safe from harm.”

Someday, I will adopt Cleo’s one-eyed brother
I’ll stroke him softly as he purrs to sleep,
I will be his mother
Jun 2018 · 326
On Swimming
Serena M Jun 2018
Sometimes it’s like we’re
The ebb and flow
Carries me along

One time, long ago
I felt this way
I swam across the ocean
It was more than worth it
Until I tried to find my way back home

I was swept into the turbulent currents
By my strength,
I swam and I swam
Until my feet touched again
I made it to the sand

I never forgot
The chills I had
When I touched land

One time, I felt this way again
I swam past the drop off
I was thrilled by the warmth, the depth
Of the water
Determined to find
A new horizon
For life on land had become so mundane

Soon I was swimming with the mermaids
Going under
Perhaps I had gone insane

I was never one
To enjoy my feet
Touching bottom

I swam
And I swam
Until a sort of disenchantment occurred
And I lost my fleeting tail

I thought I could
Swim alone
I was lost, still
Determined to know
A new horizon

I kept swimming
I was in too deep

And soon I could not sleep
Lest I would sink

I kept swimming,
And the night was silent

As I almost drowned

I came around
Guided by the light of the moon
And the map of the stars
I found my way back to shore,
Safe once more

I can breathe, now
Sometimes I still want to leave
But I know I wouldn’t get
Very far

At night
I lay and watch the stars
I feel the sand, I understand
I am a creature of the land
I can swim anytime I want to

Here, I don’t need to worry
About catching, or losing
My breath; freezing to death

Here, I feel okay
For now, I will stay

You know where to find me
My heart will always belong
To the sea
Jun 2018 · 626
My Heart
Serena M Jun 2018
I have started to
spring-clean my  Heart
and make a home for myself
out of a place
once so infected
and cold

There is a storm in my head
And a fire in my chest so hot
I feel it beneath my feet

my hands and
my eyes
my lips and my hair
along with my fingertips
want nothing but
to get caught up
in a Symphony of the
I feel beating
through my Body
now that
I have surfaced
and thawed
beneath our sun
I feel it in my veins, it
waxes and wanes . . .

It drives me completely mad

and this is the nature
of the Alana I have
come to nurture

but I can practice
self control

I can earn back
what the darkness stole

My pledge to my consciousness
my presence;
The essence of my
Body and Soul

Must be

Lest I become
A sorry Fool
And slip away
Jun 2018 · 1.4k
March 2018
Serena M Jun 2018
All of the trees are safe tonight
Under the abysmal sky
The moon matures
There are stars in our eyes
And we are creatures of the divine light

The hunters, the poachers
Come out to **** my young
And they preach at the church by day
“In the name of the son”

By dawn, the sacred dew
Kisses the grass
Tears collect behind
My heavy, sleepless eyes
These twenty-three years, I never knew
Could not see through
Wisdom and lies
It’s all been a half-hearted compromise

In the grass I lay all day
Listening to my mother’s song
The heartbeat of the earth
Courses my inner streams along

I bathe with my kin by evening
In the ocean, the salt is healing
Wounds from latter days
By sunset, we all howl our praise

They are coming out tonight
It will happen all over again
But my wolves and I
We do not count the scars and weep
We protect our young
While your children count their sheep

All of the trees are safe tonight
Under the abysmal sky
The moon matures
There are stars in our eyes
And we are creatures of the divine light
A recent piece
Jun 2018 · 237
The wolf girl days
Serena M Jun 2018
I just wanted to go out and play I would say
I just wanted to have fun
I never meant to cry wolf
I thought I was one
I thought we were all friends

Life was testing me
I was younger, full of heart
But the world left me hungry
And soon I was ravenous, wild
I flew the coop
Let's scatter

And Victoria was on the row
our faces were in the snow
you don't know me, no
it was all just a part of the show
just for show
you wouldn't know, no
you had to be there

We were 19 and on fire,
He said he felt inspired
My eyelashes tickled his neck one time and he lost himself in love, said let's go higher
Once I started I kept going until consciousness left me
A liability, it's not pretty
You should have just crashed your car, you thought

my fur was violet
I was always fighting with myself alone and howling at the moon

I faked it all to live
I'm a doll, I said
I modelled, I kissed you after the party after you told me about that tree, you said you almost died hanging on
I fell right then
I cried that day
It was your fake chemicals we ate
You tricked my heart

We said
Let's go to the ******* mall
I need a pack of cigarettes, I need to go out and get that grass
Let's get lit. Let's go.
I'm writing a book, I insisted.
After this is all said and done.

After that was all said and done.

You're too much he said.
So I left and made a house of cards so tall and delicate
I drank, put on my ballet slippers
You tried, I said
Nice try

We took acid that night
He knocked at the door and I barked like a dog
Bathed in pastels and I was skin and bone
I felt so alone, I was just skin and bone
Powder in my teacups
Red hieroglyphics on my skin
I cut off some fur
Bleached it here, and there
And I ran scared

No one scared me like I scared myself.
My heart, I took it out and stuck it on the shelf.

December 20th 2013
"D-Day", I whispered
Mom unlocked her door
Made me Mac and cheese.
I showed up at Heather's office in Hello kitty footy pajamas after my first nap in days
Succombing to the vanity, I threw on a dress and got into character
I was very small
I felt so very small
I wasn't there at all

I was like, Doctor, let me catch you up
But she cut me off, yeah
She cut me right off and got on her phone cause she heard the yelps, the howls
underneath the barks
She could smell the forest fires
She said I was mad, no I wasn't bad.
"But we have to put you away."

So that day, I got put away


The ambulance came and I laughed in hysterics and said you better just take these now
Here's the candy...

The Show must go on
Please don't put me down

Yeah, they put me down alright
Feb 2014 · 403
february 19
Serena M Feb 2014
black hair, black nails
the smoke in the room burns stale
I disappear into the shadows
extinguished with the ash of my cigarettes
that burn away like a cloud of doom
like the lonely blackness I feel in my room
Feb 2014 · 364
Serena M Feb 2014
your eyes burned out
of my periphery like dead stars
the night fell over me
a burning shadow
I am a spark of a wick
I wanna take you apart
see what makes you tick
Feb 2014 · 511
valentines day
Serena M Feb 2014
and I can't shake this malady
I want to blur the lines of reality
Feb 2014 · 426
believe me
Serena M Feb 2014
you found me
in the drunkest slum
of my life, an alleyway
of my broken dreams
glittering like my eyes on you
the night you fell asleep beside me

I lost you
my eyes grew vacant
somewhere between blood
on the pages, ego in the dirt
innocence burning up
and exploding like fireworks
you lost me somewhere
as everything became a blur
on an uncharted trip to hell and back

I’m still trying to find my way back
I’m still knocking on heavens door
I used to have wings but
the angels don’t believe me

please just believe me
Jan 2014 · 1.5k
Serena M Jan 2014
the sunset left
a dark forest
to trek through
I tried to retrace
my steps- backward
pick up the trail of my
wounded ugly pieces
-my broken trail of regrets
and it took me to places
I did not want to find myself
falling behind;

I think I am losing my mind

the darkness falls
and I am with it, a bleeding star
much too near, yet gone too far
Jan 2014 · 340
Serena M Jan 2014
the fire came and went
I sifted through the broken bones and ashes
I traded literature for books of matches
I bit the dust, I thought I was heaven sent
but my soul was spent

now the storm is coming in
I lie awake, remembering my sins
the walls of my heart have grown cold
the snow froze the ground along with it
I feel like a waste as everything gets old
Jan 2014 · 362
Serena M Jan 2014
I dug to china
with a rusty spoon
only to find all those years
I had only buried myself
much too soon
Jan 2014 · 398
Serena M Jan 2014
home will always remain
a broken-winged bird of a word
Jan 2014 · 471
Serena M Jan 2014
the darkness sets in
as I swallow my handful of pills
my light burning out like a candle wick
my heart and my soul have never felt so sick

demons crawl under my sheets
they claw and slur ***** whispers that
surface my internal screams and whimpers
evoking the nightmare, the everlasting scare

and I don't know how I got so off course;
I am going mad with remorse
Jan 2014 · 259
learning to dance
Serena M Jan 2014
I live for the lyrics
I hold onto every word like
a chest of precious gems to covet

I lose myself in words

I must learn
the melody so that
my heart finds a rhythm
and my tired feet are able to dance
away the heavy weight I carry
Jan 2014 · 351
Serena M Jan 2014
I lit half of
a lonely cigarette
the moon peaked out
at me from her foggy haze
and I knew everything
was going to be okay
Jan 2014 · 270
Serena M Jan 2014
these chasing admirers
they don't love me,
they just want to own me
I could teach them what fire is
but I'd rather burn, alone
I am a girl best left unknown
Jan 2014 · 614
Serena M Jan 2014
does it feel any better, after?

no, it hurts
it awakens everything I ever tried to bury
it stirs the cauldron, it makes things scary

my eyes well up
the walls begin to bleed
my skewed periphery is blurred
along with the weeping howls
I taste salt and feel claws in my throat

my face becomes a black lagoon
my mind bears it's dark side
like a haunting moon
Jan 2014 · 531
Serena M Jan 2014
my inner demons are put to rest
and I'm shoveling away as I plan to bury them
they scurry and claw up my throat with
senseless last words
best left unheard

a razor blade in my hand
that brought blood to my thighs
when there should have been tears in my eyes

locks of hair that
I sawed off along with my weathered pride
vibrant red, along with shades of brown
smelling of stale cigarettes

the blade will speak on my skin no more
my hair will grow as spring creeps upon us
and the flowers bloom

here is where I bury my regrets,
among the butts of countless cigarettes
Jan 2014 · 382
Serena M Jan 2014
they set me free
like a mended bird after
feeding me pills to hold still
I don't fly much, now

not quite caged
not quite free
still broken
Jan 2014 · 544
Serena M Jan 2014
demons slithered into my view as night fell
whipped my curtains across
so I could not see through this relentless storm
my breath became a shallow wind
as they cast shadows upon what was once my sanctuary
all wings, no fairy

they grabbed me by the throat with spindly fingers
and ***** steak knife nails
turning my screams into a gasping whisper
they pressed until I begged them to take me
put me to sleep
make this end
Jan 2014 · 690
Serena M Jan 2014
I am awake
my mind feels like
a rising sun
It's almost ten
but this isn't fun

pour a coffee
stirred with ice; black
my demons linger
but don't attack

I smoke my first cigarette
I know I ain't seen nothing yet

crawl into my mother's bed
I shiver and wonder

where the hell is my head?
Tuesday January 7th
Jan 2014 · 497
Serena M Jan 2014
I fear I’ll dwindle away into the silent cavities we call the past

into the shades of gray, the opaqueness; through the looking glass

glazed with a thick impenetrable fog, under skies once so vast

yes, life was once like I was awake- living in a lucid dream

but dreams, they never last,

so why lust for the past?

eaten away, decaying as time passes and I only grow weaker

once so thick-skinned I seem to be becoming porous, like deteriorating marrow

I walk alone now, a fragile soul encased in a matching vessel

feet growing too heavy as the roads narrow

as the darkness paints the sky,

a star glows and guides me home like a sparrow
Jan 2014 · 426
Serena M Jan 2014
it still aches,
it's like trying to
firmly shut the door
as a vast blizzard tries
to linger to my heart
and freeze it
January 8
Jan 2014 · 587
written in pen
Serena M Jan 2014
and “never again” is beginning to sink in
i’ve always been so persistent, stubborn
i just cannot imagine you being temporary

your words that night pierced
-i didn’t want to remember you that way
desperate for closure
i left a big space for you, pages upon pages

and now i’m clicking my pen, starving for words
i rip out our final page, and flip back 3 pages

we were just the boy and ******* a balcony
flicking our cigarettes, ashes dancing in the august air

things were so simple back then,
on page one hundred and ten

i cannot let it go,
it’s written in pen
Jan 2014 · 675
footprints on the moon
Serena M Jan 2014
we left footprints on the moon
slept until the afternoon
caught the stars in our hands
you changed me- changed all of my plans

but now
I can’t retrace our steps-
in the sky,
there’s nothing left
Jan 2014 · 330
by a thread
Serena M Jan 2014
I am seeping with such stress
I can feel it in my bones
I’ve become such a mess
oh, my dreams are sinking like stones
severed, hanging by a scarce thread

what if some morning,
I can’t get out of my bed?
Jan 2014 · 184
Serena M Jan 2014
I mostly am stuck in the depths of my own head
but I would much rather be in yours, instead
Jan 2014 · 612
Serena M Jan 2014
he takes me, something so tarnished and broken and makes me feel complete

if only for a moment, i go from being an ashen speck of coal to being a pearl

and when i sleep my pillows are his arms, oyster shells and i gleam in my dreams in the mirror of his very essence,

i speak with confidence but he knows i falter, a tight rope artist clinging to the rope for dear life, watching the world beneath me constantly destroy and rebuild itself, as i try and fail to regain composure

and although many thoughts have yet to leave my tongue, he knows i believe

that i am not capable of being loved,

but still when i close my eyes his rose petal lips find my ears

and whisper sweet nothings

until awake fades to sleep, and sleeping fades to dreaming
Jan 2014 · 622
Serena M Jan 2014
my veins started to feel like tangled up coils of thread that thawed and lacerated as the cold came and left
Jan 2014 · 633
Serena M Jan 2014
clip my iridescent wings
strip me like saturn without
her rings

these pills have me so
but I never lied when had I said
that I was spent
my porcelain lips part like a butterfly

and my words pour out and

cut like silver kitchen knives

my problems fogged up

and spilled through these vents

but I never lied when I had said

that I was spent
Hospital poetry
Jan 2014 · 5.0k
dreamcatcher soul
Serena M Jan 2014
your maker bathed you
in sparkly dust
leaving pretty freckles
and diamond eyes
for all to trust

dreamcatcher soul, girl
someday soon
you’ll be whole, girl

so someone bit off
a piece of you
and it was much more
than they could chew

don’t fret on your voids, girl
they’ve left you cratered
like an evening moon, girl

dreamcatcher soul, girl
someday soon
you’ll be whole, girl

so bat those diamond eyes
tonight you’ll vow to tell
no more lies

dreamcatcher soul, girl
the end is still unknown girl
you just have to have hope,
peer through that kalideoscope, girl
Jan 2014 · 784
starless night
Serena M Jan 2014
the night is dark and relentless

and unforgiving and for a moment

I almost hate myself for painting myself

back into this starless black abyss

I beg for the moon to kiss my hollow cheek

but she is gone, hidden away and angry with me

I cry and howl, my mane gone along with

the stars with no promise to return by the break of dawn

I whisper a remark:

it is so very dark

I am alone with nothing but the sound of my

pounding heartbeat in this sad ghost town

nothing can keep me warm, now

not even you or your arms

I am see-through

I am no longer safe from harm
Jan 2014 · 510
lonely cigarette
Serena M Jan 2014
as everything
freezes over and dies
a solitary gust of smoke
escapes my mouth
into frigid air and
I feel I am finally alive
Jan 2014 · 434
Serena M Jan 2014
and with a ghost
I lie awake all day
just to stroke his head
and late at night I swallow pills
to put myself to bed
3 am I lie awake
fighting the feeling
as you begin fade away
the rest of the ghosts
come out to play

I wish you could have stayed
Jan 2014 · 465
without wings
Serena M Jan 2014
you found me
in the drunkest slum
of my life, an alleyway
of my broken dreams
glittering like my eyes on you
the night you fell asleep beside me

I lost you
my eyes grew vacant
somewhere between blood
on the pages, ego in the dirt
innocence burning up
and exploding like fireworks
you lost me somewhere
as everything became a blur
on an uncharted trip to hell and back

I’m still trying to find my way back
I’m still knocking on heavens door
I used to have wings but
the angels don’t believe me

please just believe me
Jan 2014 · 534
Serena M Jan 2014
why fall in love
when you can fall out of trees?
why cut yourself when you can
run around and skin your knees?
why do we grow up in such a rush?
innocence grinded down
with the pills we crush
why is it all too much?
story after story with such and such
we fall apart, we fall together
and forget that life is about creating something immortal, something hands cannot touch
Jan 2014 · 650
Serena M Jan 2014
I lock myself in my little cell
a princess in a tower, but this is hell
and I don’t gaze out the window yonder
I just sing in the shower, ponder
with stewing sorrow
until tomorrow
my bones are aching
my heart is breaking
as I lose power, my soul devoured
amiss this wasteland of slush and ash
sends my spirits dwindling
with my demons, now dashed
under my skin, rusted blade
buried with all of
my darkest sins; this hell I made
Jan 2014 · 933
Serena M Jan 2014
I stood alone in my cold tomb
I wanted to pick everything up
and bleed myself dry with unrequited love,
fix every broken winged bird I set free too soon,
erase these voids, sew myself back together, somehow
my heart had become this open cage where dark beasts
laid their heads to rest, only for a night at a time
tried as I may, nothing ever stayed
but I awoke with the same haunting feeling
love in the past tense; a lingering suspense
dawn brings black coffee, another cigarette
another impeding sense of doom
Jan 2014 · 516
Serena M Jan 2014
the people I thought I knew became a gallery of dimly lit bulbs in the distance, a burnt out fire that I let down- or perhaps it was the storm

my eyes were blinded by the ice
I knew the worst was yet to come
I turned and no one was beside me
I carried on, my eyes locked on a promising chandelier;
the hidden sun in the distant months to come
Jan 2014 · 611
dead stars
Serena M Jan 2014
seep through your fingers like time;
the sands of an hour glass that came with the board game
blood staining your fists, my wrists
the mattress soaked in summer sins

my innocence as dead as the stars above
my heart that could never beat out of love

— The End —