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Ahmad Attr Nov 2020
It’s been quite some while you’re sitting silent
Talk to me and share your pain
without talking, there’s nothing you can gain
My ears are dying to hear your mouth make words
I know you are feeling lonely but look I made you a new world
Let’s escape the city, anywhere you want
I know you want me to leave but sorry I can’t

Let me run my fingers through your hair
Let me hold you like a baby, like I really care

It’s been quite some while you’re sitting there alone
I don’t get it, it is just like how it used to be
I won’t tell you this but you’re reaping what you’ve sown
I don’t get it, why are you scared of me?
Is it because you spent last night tied with ropes?
Is it because you got cut when you tried to resist me?
Let us melt into each other, just like my hopes

I know you want to escape
Let me keep you safe, even though your taped
Let me take care of you
You’ve become thin as a hanging drape
Let me say your name again,
What was it again? ah click like the sound of a loading gun
just like one right now pointed at your nape
This disturbing poem deals with abuse and **** so content warning.

The poem is a follow up to ''Hands that faltered before reaching out'' and ''End of the world''

There is also a ''Your name'' reference.
Ahmad Attr Nov 2020
Are you happy now?
Look what happened
Your family’s gone and everybody’s dead
The world is decaying everything is black and red

Will you now let me protect you?
Will you now make me make you smile?
Will you stop hurting me now with all of your signature style?

Stop asking for help from others, dialing all those numbers
Everybody else has been crumbled
I am just waiting for you to acknowledge my existence
I can’t wait anymore I waited so long for this instance.

I know you are crying in your room, locked and scared
Exactly how I used to feel
but you won’t remember my feelings I shared
Now I’ll be able to be your hero and save you
Remember it’s all for you and all because of you
This is my world now, you see
So it’s about time when you come to me

So forget about the past and look at the future
us holding hands gazing at horizons
Dancing in the rain
trace on each other’s back, our names

I will be your salvation and reach out my hand when you call
I will get you out of this, I will give you my all

Are you happy now? Look what has happened
The world has begun a new
Let’s make it our Eden
A secret paradise all hidden.
Instead of reaching out to the person in need, God-complex develops wanting the other person to beg for it.

This poem is a follow up to ''End of the World'' and ''Wish''
Serena M Jul 2018
Demons rear their heads
Eyes deep with sincere vacancy
You speak beside me in tongues
I feel warm, they are all familiar
But it is not my fight to fight

I am going mad
I strike a match to you
So dark, I can hardly see
Come here, please

I wanna feel your heart

Say you want to run away
As long as you'd take
me with you
Say it with conviction
Spit it out,
Grab me by the throat
And I will loosen my leash

A sun in your sky
Not what you need
I see light in you
As you take mine in, in sips

Cue the solar eclipse

As we fade into the night
My psychopathic delight
We're all just in this for the fight

You kiss the hollow of my cheek
Tell me how I am so unique
And I chase my tail for you,
All hopped up on emotion

Just a Lonely girl with
some divine notions

Let it fall apart, baby
Cause you know
I will just blame it
on the Starless Night
Say "Fight the good fight",
Thank you, for the scars
On my broken heart
Written on a whim at 3 AM
BW Mar 2018
You said you would track me down, hunt me
Like a prey. Even strangle him at the altar
So you could keep me as your princess.
I said I would get blood on my hands, defy gravity
just to touch your face. Even use my beauty
to ******, So I could be your trophy.

"She is mad. She is poison and a wreck." My heart
was the scene of a car crash, smiling
Through burning petrol and licking off the sweat
Lipsticks on check, girl dressed up her sophistication
to the nines, eyes vacant, seducing men.

"You are nothing but a cute kitty cat."
You pricked all my thorns and scooped me up
like a baby, arms sure and powerful, eyes on me
Heart pouring out, love drowning me.
Suffocating me in a tub of something called love

You undressed me, high heels, red dress, black lace.
Luscious wanton flesh willing under your palm. You
whispered love as you made love, you marked my soul
the way you marked my body as your territory.
You found the missing piece and made me shiver as you
Made me whole again.  

Be my Harley, I will tell you all the jokes a joker can.
Be my Bonnie, I will take aim and rob your heart like Clyde
"He is a ******, and she is mad"
You took my hand, kissed me hard and bit the vows on my neck.
"For better or worse?"
"Till death do us part"
Nothing attracts me more than what's between two psychopathic lovers... and I happen to have someone lovely like NW who only opens up to me.
King Shout Mar 2015
Have you ever killed someone?
I did once - it was fun
Coursing through your veins, a feeling inexplicable
Society labels me as absolutely despicable
A skill totally applicable
To the unnerving inevitable.

Psyche twisted like a finely crafted drill
Use the power tool to let the red water spill
Manipulate the masses - fill yourself with the thrill
Heart palpitating at a rate insatiable
Mind blank when I'm choking my victim on the table

Breaking down? Reconstruct it
Won't shut up? Throw 'em in the pit
Won't back off? Shoot their kneecaps and watch them sit
Talking back? Break their jaws
Disobedient? Light 'em up, show them who's above the law
Pariahs shall overcome those who gloat around with their farce sanity.

Fear and isolation shall corrode your mentality
Courage and friends are a waste of time and end up peacing out eventually
Bustin' knees and pounds of rope didn't help initially
Psychopathic waves shout justice and formality
Fear inducing rage - human flesh like candy between your teeth

Break the chains of 'proper' behavior
Brainwashed cattle are so different because you're-
Above the rest and let no one tell you otherwise
The path of the common man leads straight to demise
So take the hand of an unstable mentality as it shall teach you how to set yourself free and claim your prize.
Didn't know what to call it, honestly.
Kim Trojel Apr 2014
I hate your hair
I hate your laugh
I hate your voice
I hate your cough

I hate your questions
I hate your answers
I hate your choices
I hate your glances

I hate the way you lie
I hate the way you drink
I hate the way you smell
I hate the way you think

I hate your false assumptions
I hate your seeking attention
I hate your lack of empathy
I hate your misapprehention

I hate you for killing those kittens
I hate you for ****** your girlfriend
I hate you for hitting your sister
It needs to ******* end

I just think you should go
I don't even care to where
Just get far away
And let us all out of this fear
This guy from my class just (once again) posted something incredibly stupid on Facebook, and I needed to write this. I needed to put it black on white that he's a horrible person, and I just... I just can't look at him anymore!

— The End —