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Sam Conrad  Nov 2013
Sam Conrad Nov 2013
What if we could reboot
Reboot the love and the passion, the feelings and desires,
As if we were only a computer which crashed
Like we just need rebooted

What if we could kiss
Like, kiss each other alive again, mouth to mouth for the dead inside us to save us from dying
As if our lips would let us live again
Like we just need to kiss

What if we could cuddle
Like, cuddle each other warm inside, as if our body heat would warm our feelings to feel less cold
As if cuddling would let us feel again
Like we just need to cuddle

What if everything good we ever did, and I have no regrets
Like, everything would mean something, that we wouldn't just turn to it in a lust-fueled adrenaline rush
As if everything, slow and steady, would let us be us again
Like we just need to do everything

Mystic Ink Plus  Sep 2018
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
The mastery over self is the ability to reboot.
It is an act to be human when the vibe of indifference exists.
Steps to be followed:

- Think of the innocence smile, someone beyond your family
- Think of the reason, last time you had soulful smile
- Think of that person whom you made smile
- Think of the persons whose smile you could preserve
- Think of an idea, sure to trigger smile

Now close your eyes
Remember the last photograph, you got a nice smile

If abled, rebooting completed
Now you are certified

If it doesn’t make change
Repeat the process
Reboot again
Genre: Beyond Poetry
Theme: Self discovery, Truth of life
Coal dust
pull J U G U L A R  
straighten larynx
Plug my cord in.
digitized opalescent sky
Terminate process
heart exe. Cannot be found
reboot reboot reboot
sign up to facebook
sign up to dumb luck
sign up and sign off

that I don’t get swallowed
by this machine
that I don’t get swallowed
by this 01101101 01100001 01100011 01101000 01101001 01101110 01100101
I wanted to try something a bit avant-garde.
cammy jude  Nov 2014
cammy jude Nov 2014
Let’s pretend I’m a robot. All of the things you’ve said are programmed into me. And some stuff isn’t computing. Pretty girls are only pretty when they’re skinny, upgrading. Taking pictures slowly, upgrading. How about smoking? The drug things? How do you stay high? When you always look sober? Or when a person goes to a concert, but doesn’t take any photos? What about the friends, you seem to be very popular, so why are you always by yourself? I don’t understand. It’s a glitch in my memory circuit. Sorry, let me reboot. Because I don’t understand, I thought you only told the truth.
Mateuš Conrad Nov 2018
.and believe me, you will never get into the music of Bohren & der Club of Gore... if you weren't played a lot of classical music as a child, and having graduated from classical music, moved onto jazz music... you will simply not get this band, notably the bass fetish fest on the album Midnight Radio; how did i graduate from classical music to jazz? my GCSE English teacher, a Scot, a Mr. Bunce... THOMAS! he experimented with writing on the basis of our music, my writing partner were to explore whether "satanic" metal music induced violence... we were supposed to speak... but didn't really... first my writing partner's song choice was played, Raammstein's Rein Raus... then mine... Slayer's Spill the Blood... but then one day he brought in a jazz CD... Jazz on a Summer's Day (a compilation)... with the opening track being art barkley's moanin', sooner than later i was asking him to borrow that Ben Webster album, where you can listen to the best cover of the song: how deep is the ocean... and then came Miles Davis... i was probably the only 15 year old who listened to the message literally, and followed the advice the day after, having bought the album... he said... whoever doesn't own Miles Davis' kind of blue by the time they're 30, well... then there's something seriously wrong with them.

who would have thought...
that wes borland
could craft such atmospheric
     given how atmospheric
the song hold on
was on chocolate starfish
and the hotdog flavored water
i'm not surprised...
and almost akin to
to tom verlaine's album
you take one listen
to the song jubilee
from the album crystal machete...
whatever the hell he did
with big dumb face
with that death-metal growl...
i'm happy he finally found
his strength to compose
purely instrumental music...
obviously he's not a guitar
   in terms of showing-off
like some Van Halen or
a joe satriani...
the whole point was to craft
something akin
to the comparison with
the album kenotic (2005)
by the band hammock...
yes, great... you can pick up
the frets,
the solo *******
into excess..
but like food...
   where the balance of flavors,
and texture are important...
texture translated from
a critique of food...
into music?
the haunting lingering on...
a simple nuance,
   matched to a perfected
what texture is in food,
atmosphere is in music...
now... i figured...
   if john frusciante could
tap into a purely instrumental
  and forgot about singing...
he'd probably come out
with a Grammy's worth of
an album...
             i mean... i like his music...
but if he continues to
preserve the multitask
endeavor of singing,
and playing guitar?
    he's not prince...
                 but if wes borland
can move away from
  that... ******* that was
big dumb face...
and make something akin to
crystal machete?
then john frusciante
can pull-off a tom verlaine...
or at least work with
something akin
to davy graham's
virtuosity on the track
blue raga,
from the album
              large as life and twice
as natural
Steve D'Beard Nov 2012
Looking back, memories distort.
Replace damaged nodes with something similar
Perhaps reconstructed
From previous set-up before
X and Y parameters Report
Step One:
Check patient notes to self
Re-calculate from de-constructed
Inject imagination
Respect self-defence mechanism
or immediate virus node termination
(a response attack organism)
Re-calibrate instruments awareness
Strip upgrade
Love version 4.1
Reboot only in emergency
Refer to install options

Temporal Lobe Anomaly
Virus detected
Internal nodes infected
Import Rejection version 3.2
and couple with
Lets Be Friends upgrade 1
(Advanced program)
Monitor assimilation
Overheated components -
Re-inject Memory Node
Objective Hindsight applet.
Refer to Step One

It is now safe to shut down
Should you wish to.
Jens  Mar 2015
Robot from Mars
Jens Mar 2015
I am a robot from Mars
made for suitcase transportation
i live in a tiny garage
and I sleep in a robotlocker
One night I had a beautiful dream
that my processor got so hot
and I had to reboot
I could feel it glisten and tingle,
and sparkle, and flicker
all the way down
in the system
Kristo Frost Aug 2014
Example: some candles smell best just past their last gasp.
Divorce: when a lover doesn't love what they've done.
Annulment: when it might as well have never happened.

Reboot? [Y/N]:Y

Wake yourself up on a pillow of gravel with your bike in the bushes beyond.
You might be that undaunted worrier of ways to evade.
You might fight with the tide of those lingering days.
Likely unlikely but possibly nightly they leave you behind; Spite, your mind.

Reboot? [Y/N]:Y

You're left threading through time as your Been and your Being age.
Your breath ebbs slower as the world rolls beneath you.
You're still pursuing your quiet addiction to the hustle of life.
Your gentle cage will help to keep you objective-oriented.

You'll die.

Accept it.

Reboot? [Y/N]:_
Formatting issues with the italics.  Will fix when I feel like it, which could be never.  What?
Francie Lynch Jun 2015
Regret & Remorse
Are photo-shopped
Pixels of fragmented
False memories.
Enjoy the whole show.
ryn  Nov 2014
Take Me Away
ryn Nov 2014
Have you seen it?
Seems like I've misplaced my mind.

I had it for a while...
Now it seems like I'm flying blind.

Can't piece out my thoughts,
a cacophony of riled up birds.

An **** of broken lines...
Overlapping and blurring into incomprehensible words.

Wandered in almost every direction,
but seem stumped at every end.

My mind is rapidly turning,
more foe and less a friend.

Confused is what it is at best.
Derailed far from its once reliable track.

Need to quickly regain my centre,
need desperately to get it all back.

Conjured this up...
With much difficulty.

Strenuous exercise...
For what once flowed freely.

Could it be...
That I have too frequently misused.

The welcome I've received,
that I have carelessly abused.

Ugh... Makes no sense...
Never have for a while.

Conflicting thoughts and words.
Crash into each other into a pile.

Need a reboot,
a reset and a restart.

Need to find my muse,
that stems from the heart.

Curse the mundane!
These excruciating hours of the day.

Begging for the nights,
to take me and my mind away.
katie  Mar 2016
katie Mar 2016
I exist in a
of houses &
    cars, stores
around the
corner to buy
I want &
       the sea
& dark trees
things only
     ships that
sail in to
erase names
& obligations,
      stretch weak
             lungs to
genes to flee, 
to tease out the 
         wild seed
    from my
ancestors tree
& in the absence
of jungle
     ignite a fire
bits of wire,
     from you
& me
& our ancient
Don't worry it's not what you think
Another tale of woe
Of Tiny Tim and all the rest
And the ending we all know
Scrooge and ghosts and la de da
They do it in one night
But, that was Charles Dickens way
It's time we got it right
Nobody works the way they did
The poorhouses done and dusted
If Scrooge was here and lived today
You know he would be busted

So, I'll bring you up to date on this
And Scrooge can come on too
It's been a couple hundred years
Let's make this carol new

Scrooge had let Bob Cratchit go
Due to labour laws and stuff
He didn't have a union
But old Scrooge had heard enough
Every year the same old thing
And every year he cries
It's only for one day each year
At least till his kid dies
So, Scrooge was sitting home alone
Checking files on his screen
Debtors owing money and
Re runs of Mister Bean
Scrooge kept his accounts on line
So he could work on them at home
He got more done here anyway
He felt more comfortable  alone
While surfing through his evict notes
A pop up screen appeared
It said "I am The Marley Virus"
And Sir Scooge, I should be feared
Scrooge cursed the interruption
He thought the virus was a joke
But, when he tried to clear the screen
A face appeared and spoke
Right there before his rheumy eyes
His partner showed his face
Ebeneezer hit delete
But Marley held his place
I'm not a ghost like olden days
I'm a virus now you see
I've moved into the future
And Scrooge you must hear me
You will not get a visit
From three ghost like stories old
We've gone hi tech, it's apps you'll get
And your story will be told
Three icons will be on your screen
Once I have told my tale
You'll click on each of them in turn
And you'll ignore all your mail
Each application will come forth
And will take you back in time
Remember Scrooge, the end result
Could be the same as mine
But, Jacob, I'll delete them
I'll run a scan and then reboot
The reason for your being here
Will then be surely moot
Marley let a piercing howl
And he left Scrooge with his screen
The were just three icons there
Where his desktop once had been
Scrooge clicked one, it opened up
It was Christmas past for sure
A video of Scrooges life
Was playing now, and more
The background everchanging
Showing Scrooge in younger days
When greed and avarice were not
The ruler of his ways
Remember now, we're modernized
No ghosts, so all went well
Scrooge remembered all the good times
As far as I can tell
The video ran on and on
It showed Scooge when he was nice
He thought you know when all is done
I might just watch this twice
The screen went black, the music stopped
And two icons took their place
He clicked on icon number two
And he opened up it's case
Donation links appeared at first
To charities galore
But Scrooge just passed on over them
In fact he showed them to the door
He saw the files of eviction notes
And of receivables and charts
He knew that he would lose one day
And the next, would need to start
To work on all this quickly
Year end would be here soon
He'd evict all of the deadbeats
And then they'd sing a different tune
He saw pictures of Bob Cratchit
Of his family and his brood
Of their meager Christmas Dinner
And the apparent lack of food
He saw how they were happy
How just together meant so much
And beside their electric fire
He saw a tiny crutch
He watched the clip and saw the pics
And in the end it warmed his heart
But there was still another icon
And this app must play it's part
You know where this is going
So, I would drag out the tale
But, in the end all his possessions
Went on line for a huge sale
He clicked upon the icon
And all his files reappeared
And then ...right before him
Each account slowly disappeared
Written off, deleted gone
No money did they owe
The ledger had been vanquished
No balance did it show
This took almost two hours
Each entry in the wind
All accounts forgotten
All eviction notes were binned
Scrooge, we know was changed then
We heard he was a better man
But, in truth he only changed one thing
A new virus protection plan
Remember, it's the future
And corporate greed is still around
And no accounts will be forgotten
Till Scrooge is six feet in the ground
I know you know the story
You want him nicer in the end
But, if that's the way you want it
Go watch the movie once again!!!

— The End —