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ashw  Nov 2015
ashw Nov 2015
I find myself on uncertain ground,
Straddling an impossible horizon.
On one side is day, where my consciousness thrives
On the other is night, where fatigue claims its prize.

For years, it seems, I have longed for sleep,
For a reprieve from wakefulness, and the sun’s piercing light,
But now, as I stand astride this unlikely fission,
I fear what awaits within night’s unyielding prison.

The darkness has beckoned, calling me forth
Even now, its sweet siren reigns down on my soul,
Oh, how easy, to just close my eyes and let my thoughts be consumed,
The promise of nothingness nearly impossible to refuse.

But my silhouette on the ground reminds me of light,
And I owe it to myself, past and future alike
To reconsider day and all it provides,
Before I make a choice, here, where two opposites collide.

I can remember hope, and the anticipation of greatness,
But also despair and nights spent alone.
Laughter and desire, pitted against resentment,
An ever-tipping balance between dissatisfaction and contentment.

No, it’s just not enough for me to fully commit,
I’d much prefer blackness and its long-awaited calm,
Yes...I will forget about day and its promise of grief,
Instead, I’ll take night and its selfless offer of relief.

Just one step forward and I'll be forever engulfed in silence,
But first I’ll rest here for just one second longer-
I need to say goodbye to day and pay respects to light,
Then I'll go forth, and forget this place where day leads unto night.
Marya123 Oct 2016
I stand here on a dead staircase
Leading nowhere that I can pace.
I can’t run up, I can’t walk down
So I just wait, wearing a frown.
With no answer I do entreat
With each day I lovingly greet
You- a God, ghost, spirit or wight?
I can’t hear you, I have no sight.
In mirrors of conscience I see
A caged bird that sings a plea
For guidance, direction anew
For some shine in a dark so blue
A chance, a shot that brings some joy
To be more than Destiny’s toy
Don’t be cruel, don’t take away
A fleeting hand, do make it stay
As I reach for it with my will
Collecting all talent, each skill
To step out of that mighty steep
Onto a cloud that I have reaped
Pleasing the evil wraiths of Fate
Neither too early, nor too late.
The cloud is kind, for I can steer
My way into a life so queer
Beautiful, it is only mine
A blessing undeserved, divine!
Of that path I can merely dream
In this cliff I can’t help but scream
My legs are weary, patience thin
The ground looms with an evil grin.
I saw you, Opportunity
You came, you asked, you conquered me
I awaited more things to learn
But You said “Wait, I shall return.”
For months now I have screened the skies
Wondering if what you said were lies.
I want a response, Lady Luck!
Or am I once more, to get ******?
Work I shall, with all of my being
Grant me the gift of my freeing!

To all parts of this Universe
This prayer, for a life less adverse
That rings deeply within my bones
A hope, that all sins are atoned
A faith, that I will get my shot
A plea, to design my own plot
For that window to open twice
A hand to get out of this vice
To Heaven I sing, through my heart
Please, I need some help to restart!
ryn  Oct 2014
Today (10w)
ryn Oct 2014
Today came without it's promise

Left me teetering this precipice.
is it crazier that i talk to myself
or that i listen
or that the message gets lost
between source and destination
i have my eyes wide
twenty twenty vision
a blind man
in a black cave
crawling toward the precipice
of all of his previous bad decisions
corner pocket
JD Leishman Mar 17

It was one minute past twelve when the first was fired,
By five minutes past twelve thousands had reached our atmosphere,
An apocolypse by our own hand that evil inspired,
Eight minutes past twelve cries from 9 billion frozen by fear,
What do we do as a race when at the precipice of extinction,
What power do those in power have at the end of human kind,
In less than one minute our world will be struck by our own mass destruction,
We are now all just brothers and sisters as the clock strikes nine,
though it was only in this moment we understood all, all the bad and all the wrong,
All the wars, all the killing and all the ignorence,
The world we saught to destroy held our unity all along,
The human race was now one of human benevolence,


Two hundred thousand years upon our world and it was at our last sixty seconds,
That we had known peace, we had known the heavens.

I am Jimmy.
World, human
nadine  Jul 2018
nadine Jul 2018
recurrent moonlit distractions
captured by words
tied down into morsels;
separated and concealed,
contiguous yet sheer greetings
of each other’s skin
had left wanton burns
and gushing streams
of a brooding lover’s propensity
for unsusceptible matters of the heart.

there, he stood,
on the precipice of tomorrows;
ruminating and scrupulous,
forlorn yet never dithering
over mundane and quintessential quandaries
of the tepid gloss of incertitude
dangling off syllables
dictated by sordid agony.

there, he stood,
in the midst of everything;
from the otiose adoration
poured out of empty caskets
to the lenitive shades of his eyes.

with the ripples of moonlight,
the gestalt of doleful flower-like hearts,
there, she stood,
and waited.
and waited some more.
bob Nov 2016
It says that in small print
at the bottom of the TV ad
as a car sails off a cliff.

You're angry
because that is exactly
what you want to do.
So you post complaints
on the internet.

Some attorneys respond,
"we're making a safer planet".

"****", you type.
Then fire up the French Camaro
to find a sail worthy precipice.
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