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Andrew Jun 12
The thoughts of a writer
can be a terrific
and terrible chasm,
They spring from one precipice
to another,
dangerously, no-
peering over the edge,
ready to bound
towards the next

A. I. Myles   11 June, 2019
Watch out for writers. Their mind is a beautiful and dangerous place. Thanks for reading!
Samreena Lodhi Dec 2018
In the cascade of my feelings,

a steep precipice separated the ways

disconnecting every bit from you

left me waiting on the long days
Danielle Apr 2018
It’s a word on the tip of the precipice
Teetering and tottering
While I slide backwards away
Muttering sullenly and with bravado
“You can’t make me fall.”
ashw Nov 2015
I find myself on uncertain ground,
Straddling an impossible horizon.
On one side is day, where my consciousness thrives
On the other is night, where fatigue claims its prize.

For years, it seems, I have longed for sleep,
For a reprieve from wakefulness, and the sun’s piercing light,
But now, as I stand astride this unlikely fission,
I fear what awaits within night’s unyielding prison.

The darkness has beckoned, calling me forth
Even now, its sweet siren reigns down on my soul,
Oh, how easy, to just close my eyes and let my thoughts be consumed,
The promise of nothingness nearly impossible to refuse.

But my silhouette on the ground reminds me of light,
And I owe it to myself, past and future alike
To reconsider day and all it provides,
Before I make a choice, here, where two opposites collide.

I can remember hope, and the anticipation of greatness,
But also despair and nights spent alone.
Laughter and desire, pitted against resentment,
An ever-tipping balance between dissatisfaction and contentment.

No, it’s just not enough for me to fully commit,
I’d much prefer blackness and its long-awaited calm,
Yes...I will forget about day and its promise of grief,
Instead, I’ll take night and its selfless offer of relief.

Just one step forward and I'll be forever engulfed in silence,
But first I’ll rest here for just one second longer-
I need to say goodbye to day and pay respects to light,
Then I'll go forth, and forget this place where day leads unto night.
craig apogee Jun 2015
live in the moment
prepared for the next
today's happiness just
may be tomorrow's test
Samantha May 2015
I'm drifting.
Detached from this world I'm supposed to live in.

I'm drifting.
Not quite touching.
Not quite flying.
Just living in between.
Drifting on the precipice of sanity and madness' calling.
dye Aug 2014
From shelter to smother

From zero to subzero

From ceaseless to evanescent

From persistent to transient

From instant to rare

From firm to brittle

From deep to epidermic

From fascinating to monochromatic

From fast to rapid

From tasteful to **insipid
edge moments

— The End —