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Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
Sitting beneath a giant squid eating sushi.
Watching the bubbles in my beer rising to the top of my glass.
Lost in my dreams, from on top the canopy of life,
living the moment with you.

Time holds its breath as you sit beside and in me,
with your disc jockey voice and your blue-grey eyes.
I’m floating away in a glass of foam as you carry me away,
surrounded by a sea of voices beneath a giant squid.

Your hair rolls in a sea of auburn waves, caressing your face.
Emotion welling in my heart, burning my soul.
In the next room fire leaps from tables to light our way,
to a place where love is remembered and memories kept.
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
Knit Personality Sep 2016
A mighty marvel,
The Giant Antlered Bear is awesome.
Brown, shaggy, and enormous,
He rules the darkest, coldest winter forests,
And is always warm.
With incredible antlers he is crowned
The Spirit-Animal of Christmas.

* .
kevin hamilton May 2017
lost Sunday
i travelled light on cemetery rd.
flinching at every sound
of the whistling oaks
coming after me

i was sick but i didn't know
hushed by the fire
on the horizon
and the footsteps at my back
through crystal snow

believe me, i was sick
i was a drunken punk
in the soy fields
sleeping giant  
in a ring of salt
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
Without a rope but
squaring the circle
the giant man gives it a try
takes a flight off to the sky
only to fall flat on the ground.

She turns around
gives the circle her pi.
He bounces back
and retakes the flight
Que Sera, Sera on the way!
Sophia Feb 10
After years of winter trees and folk music
L.L. Bean boots and Patagonia coats
Comfort in cloudiness and muted colors and road trips north
Long brown hair and tortoise shell glasses and clean faces and lichen eyes
After heartbreak and discomfort in what used to make me feel warm,
I met confetti
Pink hair and flashy piercings and bare shoulders framed with bright sweaters
Poppy music and a deep purple mouth
Nothing about her is soft and organic but she is a popped bubble that covers the ground with iridescent laughter and a sugar bomb of genius and wine-stained moans that taste like freedom
It’s like I was standing on the street and confetti fell from the sky and brought with her a parade of finallys
Finally, I am out of the woods where Edison bulbs and pine needles and black coffee in freckled mugs left me to freeze
This is out of my comfort zone, but where else am I supposed to be newly single in my **** 20s?
Abby M  Dec 2018
Abby M Dec 2018
I feel small
The world is a laughing giant
Wearing a coat to stop the cold
But all of her coats are too big for me
Ralph Akintan Dec 2018
Snoring gangling giant,
Slumbering away on a snowy
Spoil of war unprotected,
Opening ways for ingress of
      worrisome infiltrated
Remember the lord of Philistine
Who returned not from the
      seductive antics of his
Perished in the furnace fire of
And drowned in the Laguna of
     no return

Slumbering hindered the move
      of the water.
Howling of devourers enclosed
      your shack.
Heterocercal caudal fins of
      sharks prevented the sailing
      of ships.
Wolfished wailing of tidal waves
      consumed the anchorage
And the apparition of foes
      lurked-up in darkness like
      the foehn on the Alps.

Awake before the devastating
      night owl.
Awake from the abyss of deep
Awake before the cockcrow,
When darkness of defeats
Controls the reigns of night.
Snoring gangling giant,
Awake unto light.
Alyssa Underwood Feb 2016
Awakening will find me
through the daily mundane
faith's step in front of tiny step
for the sake of Christ's great name
Even David the brave did not set out
with a lofty ambition to see the giant slain
but walked forth instead with a servant's heart
obediently for his father, carrying cheese and grain
and as he went in faithfulness about this simple errand
God raised him up with sling and stone to champion His fame
*Inspired by this morning's sermon from Doug Rutt
Columbusphere  Nov 2018
Columbusphere Nov 2018
Oh, I would like to be a giant and fill
the dips and lunges all hills and mountains make.
Stride heavy and far in only a few paces and often
find my head in a cloud of clouds when I stray too high, breath the air
deeper. And be much more a part of the night, that black blue
if I stand on the horizon, I'll make a mark much stronger than you
© 2018 Columbusphere All rights reserved
Emeka Mokeme Sep 2018
Today I felt my weakness
so deeply more than ever.
I am only just a man,
a man full of dreams,
I can't seem to find any help
to rescue me for  
the impossible visited me.
My vulnerability
overwhelmed me.
I looked at the world
as it unfolds before me.
I can't fully understand all
the happenings for my
understanding is not yet
sufficient but I felt
the surge of emptiness
of it all within me.
I can't help myself because
of my unknowing.
In an uncanny way,
everything has changed
revealing only that which my heart
cannot describe or decipher.
I know the pain of
my brokenness.
The sound of hopelessness
engulfed my being.
Where do I begin,
how do I start again.
Only the spirit knows what
the heart desires,
and how to nurture and strengthen it.
The impossible didn't know that
I'm possible.
And now the sleeping giant awakens
for the problem of the problem
is the problem.
The whole trouble is now in trouble
for the hornet nest is stirred.
Inner strength is resurrected
and the void and emptiness are finally
filled with unimaginable force of will
to drive and to do the impossible,
making it positively possible.
Finally the man of the earth now
became the man of God.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
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