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Jul 2015
My, oh my
Do I find myself facing a faceless giant
swinging his gigantic arms
bringing about his colossal hands together
creating a thunderous clap
His skin thicker than the crusts of the earth
with a voice that booms from the corners of the skies

My, Oh my
Do I find myself stunned with fear
as it puts its foot down
shaking the ground beneath the soles of my feet
How do I slay a giant such as he?

He strikes me through my heart
melting the inners of my mind
shattering the bones beneath my skin
eating away whats left of me.


I've got no sword left in my hand
my armor has crumbled
turned into dust
my spirit barely alive!


A soldier in shame!
A warrior who has lost
all who he is!

My, Oh my
Do I find myself crying in silence
with no tears left to shed
with rage that boils inside
of my chest
thinking that maybe
this is it for me.

My, Oh my
Do these shadows fall
upon me.
Opening up scars that have healed
Sinking me deeper and deeper
down the cracks of the earthly soils
swallowing me
as I try to find myself
beneath the ocean of pain.

My, Oh my
Do I find myself bleeding
hurting, and
screaming in silence

My, Oh my!
this giant gloats about
as he strikes me down
as he strips away every bit of my courage, and strength

Oh, he gloats, and gloats
and gloats


But My, Oh my!
My, Oh my!
Do I still find myself getting back up
every time I'm struck down
beaten up
buried beneath the ground

My, Oh my!
Do I say to you my giant,
"You strike me down a thousand times; I get back up
a thousand and one times!"
Kinda like David and Goliath. kinda. Basically a summary of how I've been feeling haha xD
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